My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date Status
My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date Status, Cast, Plot And About

There’s a plan to make an anime version of the short book series, My Happy Marriage, by Akumi Agitogi. The film’s official launch was marked with the unveiling of a website and a video showcasing the cast and crew. At Kinema Citrus, Takehiro Kubota is directing the series. Concept art and supervision are handled by Takao Abo. Writing the screenplays are Takahito Nishi and Momoko Toyoda.

Concept artist Shoko Yasuda is credited with the work. Yuushi Koshida is the man behind the camera for this 3D computer animation. In addition to composing the soundtrack, Evan Call also serves as the producer.

About My Happy Marriage Anime

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date
My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

One of Tsukiho Tsukioka’s projects is the light-hearted My Happy Marriage book, which was written by the two of them. It was earlier this year when the first book in the series was released to the public. The novel’s fifth volume was released to the public in July of the following year. The light novels were licenced by Yen Press for publication in the US. Miyo Saimori is the title character. Her previous fiancées deserted him three days after they were engaged. Despite being raised by her strict stepmother, Miyo marries Kiyoka. In the middle of nowhere, Miyo and her soon-to-be husband begin to open out to each other… It’s possible that this is her only remaining opportunity to experience genuine happiness and affection.

My Happy Marriage Release Date

December saw Square Enix’s Gangan Online release the first chapter of its book. On October 12th, Japan received the manga’s third volume of collected works. On June 21, Japanese publisher Square Enix will issue a print and digital edition of the manga adaptation of the short series of novels.

The Cast Of My Happy Marriage

Previously, we mentioned that Takehiro Kubota, a Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly graduate, is in charge of directing the initiative at Kinema Citrus. The concept art and overall direction of the project is handled by Takao Abo, who is known for his work on 22/7 and Macross Frontier. The script is being written by Momoko Toyoda, Ami Sat, and Takahito Nishi. Yoshihiro Yasuda Characters are being developed by Happy Sugar Life’s veteran. The 3DCG is headed by Yuushi Koshida, who worked on Ghost in the Shell Arise. The music is being composed by Evan Call. For Violet Evergarden, he has already produced gripping scores.


It’s hard to tell if marriage is a blessing or a curse

Despite being born into an aristocratic family and having a longstanding reputation for her abilities, Miyo Saimori is compelled to work as a servant by her cruel stepmother. Her aspirations of being taken away to a happier future when she hits marital age are crushed when she discovers her fiancé’s genuine identity: Colonel Kiyoka Kudou, whose former would-be spouses had left under three days of their vows.

With little else to do, Miyo resignedly accepts that her husband-to-be will be the dreadful villain she had feared. Over time, people come to realise that the other person may be their only hope for a sustainable relationship and peace.

The expected plotline of My Happy Marriage:

When two individuals meet and fall in love, regardless of their backgrounds, Kinema Citrus’s “My Happy Marriage” narrates the narrative. Reina Ueda portrays the protagonist, Miyu Saimori, who is the daughter of a wealthy family. Kiyoka Kudou’s stepmother and half-sister arrange for her to be married to him after they learn of her plans to wed him (Kaito Ishikawa). Kiyoka’s previous fiancees all broke up with him within a few days of meeting him because he was a cold-hearted military guy.

A more full and loving existence than the one she currently leads at home is opened up for Miyu, on the other hand. Kiyoka’s friendship with her gives her a sense of self-worth, and she develops a crush on her. Only one season of the romance anime series has been announced at this time. The original light book, which debuted in 2018 and has now been published in three volumes, has enough material to launch a second season.

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