Nanbaka Season 3
Nanbaka Season 3

Nanbaka Season 3 Release Date Status: Renewed Or Cancelled?

Nanbaka Season 3Rest assured that you are not alone in this. Since the last season’s publication four years ago, the production has been on a protracted hiatus. Fans around the world continue to hold out hope for fresh information We have new information regarding the potential for a third franchise renewal for Nanbaka Season 3.

For those who are unfamiliar, Nanbaka is an anime comedy. It takes place in Nanba, the most powerful prison. Criminals who are skilled, talented, or have special abilities that might allow them to escape from a standard prison are kept in Nanba prison. The story revolves around the hilarious day-to-day antics of four cheeky young men : Jyugo, Uno, Rock, and Nico.

Futamata is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series known as Nanbaka—the numbers. The studio that created the anime version of the manga is called Satelight. The OVA special was broadcast in April of the same year as the OVA season two premiere, which began in January of 2016. The first season debuted in October of that year.

According to the most recent Comico news, the “Pocket Comics” app will debut in English with 41, Manga, and Manhwa in July 2020. The anime was available for streaming on Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime Video, Anime HD, the Bandai Channel, Hulu, and YouTube in an Italian language.

Only the first eight volumes of the manga were updated, and it began to be serialised in Japan in 2013 on the NHN Comico webtoon app. The majority of viewers are concerned that there may not be a chance for a second season due to the absence of source material.

What fans are saying about Nanbaka Season 3?

Fans asked on Reddit a year ago if Nanbaka Season 3 would still be in production; Futamata, the show’s creator, responded with rumours and conjecture. She was unable to secure funding from a different company, and the original studio complained that “her characters weren’t flamboyant enough.

Yesterday, I finished watching the final episode of #Nanbaka. After several years without an episode, I’m so disappointed that season 3 looks unlikely. Nanbaka is excellent. It would be unfortunate for it to end after only two seasons, during an arc of all times—’Hopefully, more episodes will be released soon.

Numerous works of fan art are created every day. The third season is anticipated. So wouldn’t this help the anime gain more popularity so that it can move on to the next production?

What Can We Expect With Nanbaka Season 3?

Since there have been just two volumes made available for adaptation, we are aware that Nanbaka Season 3 has limited resources. For the third renewal, we can anticipate learning more about Jyugo’s internal challenges and his gradual progress toward overcoming them. We will now learn more about Elf, the person who put the man in the scar in permanent shackles and is connected to him.

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Didn’t think there was enough content for the series? We agree, but we don’t think we should give up! Why? The series’ cancellation was never confirmed by the studio or the author. With growing fan demand, there is probably a potential that the new manga will be published, increasing the likelihood that a new season will be launched!

When will Nanbaka Season 3 be released?

The Season 2 Nanbaka Anime has not been released in four years, and as of now, there is no word on whether or not the series will continue. We anticipate it will take longer to get a new season given the last update from Sh Futamata’s final manga volume, which was in July 2018 and hasn’t released any more volumes.

Nanbaka Season 3 Characters

Jyugo: He possesses heterochromia, black hair with red streaks at the ends, his left eye is green, and his right eye is violet. He is of Japanese origin. He is self-assured, upbeat, impetuous, and easily bored. He has the ability to open any mechanical or electronic lock.

Uno: Detainee ID 1311. He is of British ancestry, has a long braid, dons a hat, enjoys women and playing cards, and frequently carries a deck with him. He has excellent insight and can predict outcomes utilising his powers of observation, good fortune, and intuition. He can be direct but is generally nice and gregarious (to the point of being ridiculous).

Rock: He is the biggest person in his cell, an American, and sports a mohawk and long feathered earnings. Only a few of the supervisors are stronger than him, and he loves eating and fighting. He can be impatient and impetuous, but he loves his friends and is generally calm and content.

Nico: A short, effeminate American man with green hair who is heavily bandaged on the right side of his body and face. He is bound to his right leg with a chain ball. He was a drug mule while growing up in the slums, and he managed to break out of several prisons mostly because they attempted to inject his medication into him. As the flavoured medicine is taken orally, he is unperturbed at Nanba.

Will there be Nanbaka Season 3?

Wouldn’t it be nice to update if it has reached the point where Nanbaka will be renewed given that there have been no official announcements for the new Season and Satellite studio talking about the aid to improve the popularity for Season 3?

First, let’s determine how many volumes are generated and whether there is sufficient content to continue. There are only the last two volumes to modify, as I have indicated. Given that there is insufficient source material for another season, this is a very important element to take into account.

The second season of Nanbaka received a 7.50 rating from 15 399 people (for a total of 52 314 users), while the first season received a 7.34 rating (for a total of 111, 267 users), according to statistics gathered as of September 2021.

The sales data for Nanbaka is scant, but this tweet claims that it represents one of the anticipated inaugural Blu-ray or DVD sales from the fall of 2016. As can be seen, Nanbaka sales totaled 343. According to data from and Anime news network, 1,254 anime DVDs were sold in total in December of 2017.

Now for your inquiries regarding the popularity… Here is the outcome of our Google Trends searches, which show that there was a substantial amount of activity from September 2020 to September 2021. This outcome is terrific news because people’s interests have a big impact on productivity over time.

  • The third season’s source material is lacking.
  • According to the Anime and DVD reports mentioned above, there is a low sales dispersion.

Nanbaka Season 3 Storyline

Welcome to Nanba, the biggest and most fortified prison on earth. Four inmates, Jyugo, who was born in Nanba and has escaped more times than any other prisoner there, hefty food-loving Rock, pill-popping Nico, and gambling charmer Uno, who is locked up in Cell Block 13, are more than enough problem for the stern Officer Hajime. Follow them on all of their many escapades within Nanba’s walls.

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