Nelk Boys Net Worth
Nelk Boys Net Worth

What Is The Net Worth of Nelk Boys In 2022? How He Founded This Business Empire And Made Money?

While still a college student, Kyle Martinovic, together with his identical twin brothers Niko and Marko, came up with Nelk. He ultimately made the decision to drop out of education in order to focus on making prank videos, vlogs, and promoting his company, Full Send Entertainment on social media.

Nelk Boys Early Info

Founded by Kyle Forgeard, Marko Martinovic, Lucas Gasparini, and Niko, Nelk Boys’ YouTube channel was launched on July 6, 2010. Kyle initially met Jesse Sebastiani, a fellow YouTuber and director of the self-published documentary Saved by the Status, after working together for almost four years. After the departure of аrtnоvс twn members Niko and Marko in 2015, Jesse Sebastiani and Luса Gараrn joined this production firm right away.

Style Foreward is a well-known Canadian content developer and the co-founder of the production business NELK, which is where he first gained international attention. In Mississauga, Ontario, Kyle was born to Rick and Gayle on July 12, 1994. Throughout his childhood and college years, he was always looking forward to having a good time and hanging out with his closest friends. Besides that, Kyle appeared in films like асk Vаlе Flms and ntеrnеt Sсоn. Shortly after graduating, he made the decision to pursue a career in satire and started the firm NL.

Another member of the group, Luсаs Gараrins was born on November 30, 1995, in Great Sudbury, Serbia. Similarly to his other buddy Kyle, he was looking forward to having a good time as well. During the school year, he began playing pranks with his pals. One of the members of the prank trio NL, Jesse Sebastiani is also an actor, social media celebrity, and YouTube star from Canada. rаngеvILLE, ntаrо, Canada, was the place of Sebastiani’s birth on June 27, 1993. In order for the NELK to reach new heights, he made the funniest pranks on people.

Nelk Boys Career

Nelk Boys Net Worth
Nelk Boys Net Worth

By uploading a video titled “Coke Prank” to Cops in January 2015, the NELK Boys had taken their career to the next level. A video of them fooling police officers into thinking they had coke in the trunk of their car brought them to the attention of the public. Initially, cops mistook the coke for cocaine, but they were actually instructed to say Coca-Cola instead. The hoax film immediately became the second most watched video on their channel, amassing more than 48 million views as of today.

When the Los Angeles Police Department dropped a sign warning the public that the prank was banned, they found themselves in hot water. Stephen Deleonardis, Kyle’s new partner, joined the group in May 2019 as the duo gained more attention on social media. Kyle was inspired to join the team after seeing Stephen Deleonardis’ smoking and drinking challenge and prank films and realising his goal of making his organisation one of the top brands. Salim Sirur and his cousin Jay joined the Nelk in February 2020 as the organisation continued to grow year after year.

Nelk Boys Controversies


At the COVID-19 conference at the University of Illinois State in September 2020, NELK conducted a flash mob involving 200 persons on campus. As a result of Nelk’s large-scale gathering, which violated COVID-19 standards, the police began their investigation. YouTube demonetized their channel at the time, and they ran through a lot of difficulties. NELK had hired the house in New Jersey where the team had gathered over 1,500 individuals shortly after that. The residence had been rented by the team. The Nelk guys were booted out of the venue by the landlord when the cops in Seaside Heights confronted them, and eight fans were arrested as a result of the incident.

Nelk Boys Business Empire

The primary source of income for the majority of YouTubers from 2014 to 2015 was Google Adsense. An estimated $60,000 a year or $5,000 a month was what they were making at the time Pranks like this one, which took place at the YouTube offices in San Bruno California, and the 2017 Adpocalalypse conspired to make this a very bad year for YouTube. Channels that advertisers found offensive began to lose the ability to make money on YouTube. NELK was one of the first publishers to be hit by the new restrictions, which resulted in the removal of all of their AdSense revenue.

The group decided to start a clothing line called Full Send after they gained so much notoriety, and it was an immediate success. Jesse and Kyle realised that their initial merch drop was a tremendous hit, so they started making seasonal and/or monthly drops that sold out within days or even hours every time. One-off designs helped make their clothing line a distinctive and sought-after collectible.

One of Laugan Paul’s closest friends, Mike Majlak, has revealed that NELK Boys earns close to $4 million per drop, which translates into a total of $48 million for the year. Outside of YouTube, the band’s brand recognition spread to other digital media as well. They set up multiple Instagram accounts under the name of their brand and gained more than 25 million followers. They announced John Shahidi’s appointment as Inc. President of Full Send Entertainment and Nelk in November 2020. Jesse Sebastiani had previously left the squad in 2017, but he returned in 2021. The only videos Nelk was involved in were hoax videos, which he was working on.

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