Paula Throckmorton
Paula Throckmorton

Paula Throckmorton Bio, Net Worth, Affair, Study, Career & All!

Paula Throckmorton is a jewelry designer who also teaches meditation and writes. Her work has appeared in major publications such as Slate, the Wall Street Journal, and The Huffington Post.

Paula Throckmorton was the president and publisher of the Black Book, a New York-based photography journal and sourcebook. Omar, Lila, and Sofia are Paula and Fareed’s three children.

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Paula Throckmorton Bio

Throckmorton, a 53-year-old Caucasian novelist, jewelry designer, and meditation teacher of unknown heritage, was born under the sign of Cancer on July 9, 1964, in an unidentified section of the United States.

She is well recognized around the world as the wife of CNN broadcaster, writer, author, and Time magazine editor-at-large Fareed Zakaria. Over the course of three decades, she has achieved success in her writing and jewelry design careers.


He is best known for his long tenure as the host of CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” TV show. He also writes a weekly column for “The Washington Post,” serves as editor of “Newsweek International,” and is an editor-at-large for “Time” magazine. Fareed is one of the rare journalists to have been fired from a high-paying position because of a plagiarism accusation in August 2012, when he was accused of lifting content from a New Yorker story for his gun-control work.

He was accused of infringing on the intellectual property of Jill Lepore, a New Yorker journalist. Fareed issued a public apology, admitting that he had made a blunder.

After a six-day investigation, he was reinstated at CNN and “Time,” with the magazine stating that the incident was “isolated” and “unintentional,” and CNN stating that they found nothing to justify his suspension.

Paula Throckmorton’s Net Worth

Her yearly earnings are claimed to be well into the three figures, while her husband’s net worth is estimated more than an excess of $12 million. She acquired her money as a jewelry designer, yoga instructor, and writer, as well as writing for publications such as the “Wall Street Journal” and “Slate.”

Paula Throckmorton Affair

Paula’s love history is unknown, and it is unclear whether she had any previous relationships. Paula began seeing Fareed Zakaria, her future husband, on a blind date set up by mutual acquaintances in the mid-’90s.

They married in 1997 and have two daughters, Lila and Sofia, as well as a song we’re true that we’re having problems, and I’ve taken a tiny apartment a few streets away, but I still live at our house most days of the week,’ Fareed said when asked about his marital condition.


We’re attempting to resolve the situation. ‘Divorce isn’t in the cards.’ They started living separately in 2011, and it was rumored that they were preparing to file for divorce, but their disagreements appear to have been settled.

Paula Throckmorton Study

Paula is an only child, and it is unknown where she was raised, who her parents are, or what their occupations are. She enrolled in Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree in 1985.

It is unclear when she became interested in what she does today, including her early pastimes, or which high school she attended. Other than that, there isn’t much information on her beginnings available in the media.

Paula Throckmorton Career

Paula didn’t seem to look for work in her field after graduation since she first worked as a jewelry maker before going on to write for the “Wall Street Journal” and “Slate.” She became interested in meditation in her late teens, and her enthusiasm grew to the point where, after graduating, she began teaching others how to meditate, and she has continued to do so ever since.


She began writing in 1996, with the publication of “Black Book,” a photography diary and sourcebook, and a follow-up book with the same title in 1997. Her jewelry-making business took a back seat for a spell, but it appears to be still active in her life.

Paula Throckmorton Body Measurement

Paula’s height is 5ft 8ins (1is is .72m) and her weight 125lbs (57kg), her hair color is light brown and her eyes are dark brown, her bra size is 34B, her shoe size is 10.

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