Resident Alien Season 2 Part 2

Resident Alien Season 2 Part 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot and Spoilers

Resident Alien will return to SyFy for season 2, part 2, in the summer of 2022. Chris Sheridon is the creator of the American science fiction mystery comedy-drama series. The series got its inspiration from the comic of the same name by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse.

The first season of the popular sci-fi series dropped on 27th January 2021 and received commendable reviews from its audience. The show has garnered an 8.1 out of 10 IMDb rating and a 94% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

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Resident Alien Season 2 Part 2 Cast

Alan Tudyk plays the leading role of “Harry”, the titular alien who has killed Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle and taken over his body. Tudyk is a charming actor, voicing some of the most famous and beloved animated characters. Sara Tomko plays the role of Asta Twelvetrees, assistant to the town doctor.

Resident Alien Season 2 Part 2

Corey Reynolds is in as Mike Thompson -the town’s sheriff, and Alice Wetterlund as D’Arcy Bloom -the owner of a local town bar. Levi Fiehler portrays Ben Hawthorne (the town’s mayor), and Judah Prehn portrays the mayor’s son, Max Hawthorne. Lastly, as part of the lead, we have Elizabeth Bown playing the role of Liv Baker, the sheriff’s deputy.

The following cast members play supporting roles in Resident Alien Season 2 Part 2:

  • Ben Cotton as Jimmy
  • Meredith Garretson as Kate Hawthorne
  • Gracelyn Awad Rinke as Sahar
  • Kaylayla Raine as Jay
  • Deborah Finkel as Abigail Hodges
  • Jenna Lamia as Judy Cooper
  • Gary Farmer as Dan Twelevetrees
  • Diana Bang as Nurse Ellen Cho
  • Mandell Maughan as Lisa Casper
  • Alex Barima as Lieutenant David Logan
  • Alvin Sanders as Lewis Thompson
  • Sarah Podemski as Kayla
  • Elvy Yost as Isabelle
  • Linda Hamilton as General McCallister
  • Michael Cassidy as Ethan Stone
  • Nathan Fillion as the voice of 42 (an octopus)

Resident Alien Season 2 Part 2 Release Date

As per various reports, we expect the Resident Alien Season 2 Part 2 to release sometime during mid-2022. However, no official statement was made by any of the Resident Alien team members regarding this. The second season has 16 episodes in total. The first 8 episodes aired every week from January 2022 to March 2022. The Resident Alien Season 2 Part 2 will follow a similar trend, with one episode dropping every Wednesday, starting sometime during this year’s summer.

Resident Alien Storyline

The show follows the life of an alien who lands on Earth with the sole mission to destroy all those with malicious intent within their hearts. The alien kills Dr. Harry, a corrupt doctor and part of a crime syndicate, and takes over his body and identity. Only a young 9-year-old boy can see his proper alien form. The rest of the world, however, is oblivious to it. The alien (Harry) starts to doubt his mission as he realises that there is a lot more to people’s personalities than what is shown on the exterior.

He develops friendship bonds with them and even learns English throughout his stay. We see Harry struggle with adapting to human emotions and social cues, which amalgamates into a series of comedic events.

Resident Alien Season 2 Part 2 Storyline and Trailer

The mid-season finale of the second season left its fans with many unanswered questions. The Resident Alien Season 2 Part 2 season will release in 2022. There is no official synopsis for Resident Alien Season 2 Part 2. Nevertheless, team members have dropped hints here and there.

Chris Sheridan, the show’s creator, said, “I can’t tell if it’s one of the Greys, but here’s what I can say: Harry is told by Goliath at the end of S02 E08 that there’s another alien race on earth. So we can do the math and realise that this [character] is one of those. It’s safe to say that moving into the second half of the season, that character will play a part. His name is Joseph, and Enver Gjokaj plays him.

It tells us that the upcoming instalment will bring up new and more challenging threats for our protagonist alien, Harry. A new alien race on Earth will cause a lot more conflict and bring multiple new threats to the humans on Earth.

There is no update yet regarding a different trailer for the second instalment. Rotten Tomatoes released the official trailer for the whole of season 2 back in January of this year. Fans can watch this trailer to get an idea of the second part of the season.

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Spoilers for Mid Season Finale

The mid-season finale that aired on 16th March 2022 left many fans frenzy. Many secrets were exposed, and emotions went out of control as a half-alien half-human baby destroyed Patience and crashed Dr. Harry’s birthday surprise.

Towards the end of the episode, the Ben-Kate-D’Arcy triangle came to a revealing head and deputy Liv gathered up her courage to do what had to be done. Asta also ends up killing someone. Harry discovers that he can communicate with the Goliath through the little hybrid alien baby. Unfortunately, this revelation is short lives as Harry soon gets shot by a Galvan/Powell goon.

The finale ends with an alien baby on the loose, Harry being shot, and multiple hints toward their being another alien race on the planet. How will this unfold in the second half of season 2, and what faith does this hold for the characters? Guess we all have to wait for the second part to drop to learn more about this.

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