Ruby Franke Sentenced

Ruby Franke Was Sentenced to Consecutive Jail Terms on 4 Charges of Serious Child Abuse!

A mother and well-known internet personality named Ruby Franke was handed four consecutive sentences ranging from one to fifteen years in prison in Utah on Tuesday. Franke pled guilty to four counts of aggravated child abuse last year.

During the sentence, Franke stated, “My charges are just.” “They guarantee the protection of my loved ones, hold each other to public standards, and they did extend mercy toward me.”

On her now-defunct YouTube channel “8 Passengers,” 42-year-old Franke documented the physical and psychological trauma her children endured. Her 12-year-old kid went away in August, prompting a neighbor to contact the police. This led to her imprisonment.

Prosecutors alleged that Franke and her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, both entered plea agreements after facing charges of serious child abuse; as a result, Franke pled not guilty to two of the six counts and agreed to testify against Hildebrandt.

Court filings indicate that Franke’s children were subjected to maltreatment, which included withholding food and drink, kicking her son while he was wearing boots, and denying him oxygen. According to the court records, Franke justified the punishments by saying they were necessary to teach her children obedience and repentance.

Ruby Franke Sentenced

Not only that, but they said she “intentionally or knowingly inflicted and allowed another adult to inflict serious physical injuries.” “I have decided to follow advice and counsel that has pushed me into a dark illusion for the last four years,” Franke stated. Since I would withdraw from everyone who dared to question my reality distortion, it went undetected for a long time.

The identical punishments were handed down to Hildebrandt on Tuesday as well. According to the judge, they are each given 30 days to appeal.

One of the reasons I opted out of going to trial was…” This would have been harmful for them mentally, so I didn’t want them to relive it,” Hildebrandt told the court.  “May they find healing and success as they go forward into fulfilling lives. My hope and prayer are with them.”

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