Shower Toga Net Worth
Shower Toga Net Worth

Shower Toga Net Worth, Founder And More

Think about what it would be like to take a shower in public. When you’re thinking about showering in the open, you’ll have to give up your privacy because there’s no safe spot where you can do so. Shower Toga, on the other hand, allows you to shower in public while keeping your wits about you, making it safer than ever before. For those who have to shower in public, there is a device called the Shower Toga. This product is most suited for persons who camp, participate in Spartan events, and participate in music festivals.

It’s called the Shower Toga, and it’s a nylon slip with a rope around your neck and a pocket for your soap bar. Remove your soiled clothes and use a hose or portable shower while wearing it. An Atlanta, Georgia-based woman is the inventor of the Shower Toga, which she pitched to the Shark Tank investors seeking $80,000 and a 33 percent share in the company. She struck gold since a slew of Sharks were eager to invest in her venture. Sharks Alli Webb and Mark Cuban gave her $80,000 in exchange for a 40% stake in her business in exchange for their advice. Because she would get to work with two sharks at once, she agreed.

Who is the founder of Shower Toga?

Shower Toga was founded by Kressa Peterson. She and her husband worked in direct mail advertising in the 1980s before starting Shower Toga. Throughout her career, she used her expertise to run Kressa Peterson International Sport Horses from 2010 to 2017. Shower Toga’s CEO, she continues to run the company on a daily basis. After receiving a cancer diagnosis and turning to Spartan events for entertainment, Peterson came up with the concept for Shower Toga.

Shower Toga Net Worth (1)
Shower Toga Net Worth (1)

She learned that there was no good method to clean herself after the races because she was frequently covered in dirt. Using diaper cover material, she made her first prototype and wore it after her races. The nylon fabric used to make her Shower Toga is water-wicking. Locking cords secure it around the wearer’s waist. Whether you’re a guy or a woman, you can wrap it around your body.

In addition to pockets for soap and shampoo, the shower head may be removed via side access. She raised $14,735 through a successful Kickstarter effort to get the company off the ground. The first batch of goods was sent to Peterson’s backers in July 2017. The device has been well-received by hobbyists, and it is now readily available on Amazon. If you want to stay clean after your outdoor activities, you’ll have to pay $35 for the Shower Toga.

What Happened to Shower Toga at Shark Tank pitch?


A successful Kickstarter effort for Peterson spurred her on to work with more events, including The Shark Bite Half Marathon, Savage Race, and Mud Titan Run. Investors on Shark Tank were also shown her cleaning Shower Toga. Peterson asks for $80,000 in exchange for a 33% ownership in her company, which is worth $242,424. When asked about her first year of business, Peterson says she made $80,000, which impressed the Sharks. It costs her $35 to buy them and $2.85 to sell them.

Kevin argues that a rubbish bag may serve the same purpose, but Peterson isn’t convinced by his argument. As she recounts her cancer battle to the Sharks, she becomes emotional and declares that she wants FEMA to use her as a resource in the event of a natural disaster. In the end, neither Lori nor Robert believe that Peterson is a better match for their relationship. It was such a hit with Mark and Alli that they formed a joint venture to pay $80,000 for Peterson’s 40 percent stake in the company at an estimated value of $200,000, and the purchase was finalised as a result.

Net Worth of Shower Toga

When Mark and Alli bought the company, its value was $242,424. Since then, the company’s value has dropped to $200,000, and sales have been brisk.

What Happened to Shower Toga after Shark Tank?

To complete the deal with Mark, Peterson gave an exceptional presentation during the pitch. The company is well-known online, and it sells on both Amazon and its own website. Employees and first responders were given half-price products to use in the event of a 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, allowing them to wash their hands before going home and minimising the spread of the deadly virus to their families. In 2021, the company is still in business and hasn’t rebranded, despite the fact that revenue is increasing.

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