Spatty Daddy Net Worth
Spatty Daddy Net Worth

Spatty Daddy Net Worth, Inception, Evolution And Awards & Achievements

Spatty Daddy Net Worth: When Cheryl Rigdon invented the Spatty, it became one of the most helpful and fundamental inventions ever seen on Shark Tank. She came up with the Spatty concept after discovering how much product she was wasting by not utilising it all. At some point in our lives, we’ve all dealt with a number of containers. For The Spatty and The Spatty Daddy, it won’t take long to recoup their investment.

These conditions led to the birth of Spitty and her older kid, Spitty DADDY. Because she was tired of waiting for lеftоvеr and loton containers and of the high cost, Heryl Rgdon came up with this concept. We’ll learn about Spatty Daddy’s net worth, beginnings, growth, and recognition in this post.

Spatty Daddy Inception

No one wants to spend the rest of their lives dealing with a single problem, therefore they turn to creativity to find a solution to their problems. Cheryl Rigdon’s situation is a nice example of this. This woman was fed up with being unable to get to the bottom of her pricey cosmetics and lotions. To solve her problem, she decided to put her mind to the test and put it to the test. You can use this to get the remaining product out of any bottle or container by making a makeshift tool. She came up with the Spatty after a lot of pondering.

She eventually came up with a little spatula-like instrument called the Spatty.. This modest idea proved to be a big success, so the Spatty decided to expand on it. She decided to take a risk and propose her idea to the Shark Tank reality show. She had done a lot of study on her own and had done a lot of preparation.

She tried selling the goods on Ebay before submitting her idea to Shark Tank. Eleven of them were sold, with a great deal of excellent comments. Because her spouse was a factory project manager, creating the product itself was not a problem. As a result, she was able to focus on creating a product that was good enough to be sold on the open market.


During Cheryl’s Shark Tank appearance, she received some encouraging remarks from the other entrepreneurs. They were actually amazed by the idea because she found the solution to a problem that everyone ignored. About $50,000 was all she needed to get her company idea up and running. After the show, Cheryl had the good fortune to work with Daymond as a mentor. Later on, Cheryl was also able to make a bigger version of the Spatty, which could be used for bigger containers such as paint cans in the garage and also some items in the kitchen.

Spatty Daddy Evolution

In addition to the panel of entrepreneurs, Cheryl’s great concept was well accepted by the audience. Soon after the presentation, Cheryl received numerous requests from fans eager to purchase the goods. A long and fruitful career followed for Cheryl. She had a Master’s degree in Speech Pathology and an undergraduate degree in Special Education, and she had worked in the profession for many years. After the success of her invention, she devotes all of her focus to Spatty’s growth and operation.

Net Worth & Salary of Spatty Daddy

Spatty Daddy’s estimated net worth is more than $4 million as of January 2021. With Spatty Daddy, Cheryl has enjoyed great success. In spite of Shark Tank’s denial of her request for investment capital, she was successful in her business endeavours. The last time we heard from her, she was doing well with her work, according to several recent interviews. On the 7th of April in 2020, according to some sources, she will expose her identity in an interview where she will be able to disclose her company’s net worth.

The invention of Spatty Daddy was spurred on by a seemingly insignificant problem. Several lessons can be learned from Cheryl Rigdon’s narrative. Rather than wallowing in self-pity over a problem, you must take the initiative and come up with creative solutions.

Spatty Daddy Net Worth
Spatty Daddy Net Worth

Spatty Daddy Awards & Achievements

Small problem solved with simple product, and now it’s hugely successful business. Cheryl has a remarkable ability to get people’s attention and get them thinking. She’s also known for her generous spirit. When someone needs her assistance, she doesn’t think twice. She invested in the project because she wanted to be able to help others who were going through similar issues. Despite the fact that she is yet to receive any recognition for her outstanding job, it is safe to assume that she will receive some recognition in the near future.

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