The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2
The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2, Cast, Plot And More

is an Israeli television series that premiered on the Yes Drama channel on June 7, 2021, based on Sarit Yishai Levy’s novel of the same name.  Since June 3, 2021, the first two episodes of the show have been available on Yes VOD. For the year of 2022, Yes announced its new original productions at an event hosted at EAST Tel Aviv in December 2019. Additionally, it was revealed that the show has been renewed for a second season, which will premiere at the end of 2022 on Syfy.Netflix aired it in May of that year.

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2 Cast

  • Swell Ariel Or as Luna Armoza
  • Michael Aloni as Gabriel Armoza
  • Hila Saada as Rosa Armoza
  • Irit Kaplan as Mercada Armoza
  • Mali Levi as Victoria Franco
  • Tom Hagi as Efraim Siton
  • Eli Steen as Raquel Armoza
  • Israel Ogalbo as David Franco
  • Yuval Scharf as Rochel
  • Tamir Ginsburg as Itamar Ben Moshe
  • Itzik Cohen as Avraham
  • Luna Mansour as Aisha
  • Hisham Sulliman as Kahlil
  • Shely Ben Joseph as Matilda Franco
  • Moris Cohen as Raphael Armoza
  • Roy Miller as James Brown
  • Miki Kam as Gilda
  • Sarel Piterman as Kalman Leibowitz
  • Dov Navon as Alfred Zachs
  • Yarden Tusia-Cohen as Gisele
  • Uria Hayik as Dror
  • Omer Dror as Tzachi Toledano
  • Kobi Maor as Morduch
  • Shahir Kabaha as Mustafa
  • Oren Yadger as Liyto
  • Ashot Gasparian as Matzliach
  • Shira Abarbanel as Nava Ben-Moshe
  • Dan Mor as Yehiel
  • Tomer Barash as Sgt. Bill Evans

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2 Plot

The Armoza family’s tale is connected with the story of Palestine during Ottoman control and the British Mandate of Palestine, as well as the subsequent depression and war. There are two timelines in which Gabriel Armoza (Michael Aloni) and his wife Rosa (Hilal Saada), as well as their three daughters Rivka, Rachel, and Luna, are the focus of the series’ plot, which takes place simultaneously on both times (Swell Ariel Or). When compared to his lack of affection for his wife, Gabriel’s bond with Luna stands out. Jealousy between Rosa and her daughter causes strife in the household.

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2 Background and production

Yes chose to convert the novel “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” into a daily melodrama after selling more than 300,000 copies. There are four people involved in the series’ creation: screenwriters Esther Namdar Tamam and Shlomo Mashiach, director Oded Davidoff and Artza Productions. In the summer of 2020, filming for the series began in Safed, including the Frenkel Frenel Museum and the Beit Castel museum.

The plot of the novel serves as the inspiration for the daily television show. As a Ladino-Sephardic family cursed with bad luck, Jerusalem Arrmoza’s women aren’t adored by their husbands. Throughout the course of the series, three generations of a family are depicted. Hebrew, English, Arabic, Turkish, and Ladino are among the series’ many languages of conversation.

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2 (1)
The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2 (1)

Will there be a Season 2 of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem?

It’s a television show about a beauty queen in Jerusalem, and fans are eagerly awaiting Season 2. There is a storyline based in Israel, and the show premiered there in 2021, but Netflix made it available to viewers worldwide in May. Season 2 of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem will be aired in Israel on Yes Drama, and it will be available on Netflix throughout the world when it is released.

According to the show’s creators, the second season of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem will premiere before the year 2022 concludes. According to Sarit Yishai Levy’s novel, which is based on the second season’s plot of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem, an Ottoman Empire, British Mandate, and Israel’s Independence War are all depicted in the novel. We anticipate that the show will appeal to history buffs of all ages because it is a multigenerational narrative.

For the second season of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem, we may anticipate to see events from the past before heading into the future like we saw in Season 1. As a result, we believe that the series gives viewers with a deep comprehension of the events that are taking place.

To further enhance its educational value, we can predict that the second season of Beauty Queen of Jerusalem will be set in the past. Affluence, prosperity and freedom are depicted alongside scenes of depression and strife. Considering that it’s only a few minutes long, we’re confident you’ll appreciate it. Furthermore, the presentation is jam-packed with facts and realities, so you’re sure to walk away with some new information.



How many episodes of the Beauty Queen of Jerusalem?

The first season of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem has 10 episodes, and a second season with the same number of episodes is expected in the near future. What made the book so compelling can be deduced from the show’s performances by comparing them to the actors’ performances.

Is the Beauty Queen of Jerusalem in English?

In addition to English, the show may also be streamed in Arabic and several other languages on Netflix. There are historical dramas that follow a Spanish Sephardic Jewish family living in Jerusalem in Season 2 and Season 1 of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem, which you can watch in English on Netflix. The first ten episodes of Season 2 of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem have already been released, and we’ll be able to see them in July. Netflix has a dub of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 1, which is being hailed as one of the most expensive undertakings in Israeli television history.

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