Tyler And Angela Break Up
Tyler And Angela Break Up

Tyler Crispen Reveals The Main Reason For Breakup With Angela Rummans!

Many people anticipated Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans’ wedding because they had been among the most well-liked showmance couples in the franchise for years.

Naturally, everything stopped in December when Rummans and Crispen declared their engagement and relationship were over. After keeping quiet for a while, Crispen finally talks about what he thinks led to the breakdown of his relationship with Rummans.

Recently, Tyler Crispen published a long YouTube video that covered a lot of material. Crispen discussed his success in Season 22 of Big Brother and his breakup with ex-fiancée and fellow Season 20 Houseguest Angela Rummans. About halfway into the video, Crispen discussed how their relationship ended because of how he changed once it got going:

For me, I’ve always been a lone wolf. I’ve always valued being able to take care of myself, and I kind of got away from that for a while. I wasn’t trusting myself. I wasn’t confident in myself. That is what ended up being a nail in a coffin of a relationship that was amazing. It was great. I wasn’t able to be myself, and at the end of the day, if you’re not able to be yourself and thrive, then nothing around you is going to be able to thrive either.

Tyler Crispen wasn’t acting like a “lone wolf,” as he said when he was with Angela Rummans.

Although Big Brother viewers are unaware of the full circumstances, some did notice that he failed to perform nearly as well when he returned in Season 22, and he frequently remarked how much he missed Rummans.

Tyler And Angela Break Up

Crispen finally dropped out during the jury round, which contrasted greatly with his second-place finish in Season 20.

Following Season 22, there were rumors of problems between the Big Brother pair, including claims that the Rummans had cheated on Crispen.

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Although the couple eventually admitted through vlog that they were secretly engaged, as we now know, the wedding never took place.

The former Big Brother Houseguest suggested that Tyler had some difficult times after splitting from Angela when asked how he was doing. He discussed the period following his breakup:

It was a dark time. It was a terrible time. I’m glad it’s over. I’m glad that time is over, but I’m very thankful that it happened because I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Although it seems that Tyler Crispen has no animosity toward his ex-fiancée, I wouldn’t anticipate them ever entering the Big Brother house together or working together on The Challenge.

But, some former Big Brother contestants have been on MTV’s Ex On The Beach, so perhaps their days of sharing the screen on reality television are still ahead of them.

I can say that, even if they are no longer a team, I’d love to see either of them return to Big Brother in the future, especially in light of Crispen’s touching explanation for why he decided to apply for the program in the first place.

Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans’ best performances from Big Brother Season 20 are available to anybody with a Paramount+ membership. Check out it and other earlier seasons on the streaming site; it’s also very entertaining.

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