Vanessa Bryant Dating
Vanessa Bryant Dating

Who Is Vanessa Bryant Dating Now In 2023?

For quite some time, NBA fans have wondered who Vanessa Bryant might be seeing. As most of us know, her daughter and numerous others perished in a helicopter crash with her husband, NBA legend Kobe Bryant, over three years ago. Fans still find it challenging to understand this catastrophe, which stunned the NBA community and was horrifying.

Vanessa Bryant is a regular woman who could very well want a partner to spend the rest of her life with, which is something that NBA fans would find very difficult to comprehend. She still has three girls, and a father role is undoubtedly significant. Let’s find out if Vanessa Bryant sees someone and learn more about her relationship status.

Vanessa Bryant has officially remained single since the death of Kobe Bryant

None could have foreseen or seen approaching Kobe Bryant’s death. Least of all, Vanessa, who spent more than 20 years standing at Kobe’s side steadfastly. There were reports that she was dating Victor Ortiz, a professional boxer.

These rumors first surfaced in 2011 when she was rumored to be divorcing the Los Angeles Lakers star. Also, several hypothesized that Bryant’s numerous reported indiscretions during their marriage were the primary reason they became so well-known.

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The family had gone through a lot before the catastrophe. Vanessa was overcome with emotion as she paid respect to Kobe and recalled moments that would undoubtedly be highly traumatic following her husband’s and kid’s deaths.

Some speculated that she was dating former NBA player Derek Fisher since the media constantly looked for stories to write about. Some may recall him as Kobe Bryant’s former teammate, with whom he shared five championships.

At a WNBA game, Fisher and Vanessa were seen sitting together. The media speculated that they might be a couple due to this. He was newly married to Gloria Govan. Thus, there was no genuine evidence to support this assertion.

However the case may be, it is known that Vanessa still views Kobe Bryant as her true love and soul mate. She posted a picture with the caption (But this post is no more Instagram). “Happy birthday, Papi. Te Amo por siempre. Amor Eterno.” 

Happy birthday, Papi. Te Amo por siempre. Amor Eterno
Happy birthday, Papi. Te Amo por siempre. Amor Eterno

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