wanda hutchins
wanda hutchins

The Life and Family of Wanda Hutchins, Michael Strahan’s First Wife

Wanda Hutchins, known as the first wife of Michael Strahan, is an entrepreneur who owns and operates her business called Wandaful Home Designs. While she has chosen to remain out of the public eye since her split with Michael, Wanda has focused on repurposing furniture through her company.

Michael Strahan is a well-known American television personality and former professional football player. He played for the NFL team New York Giants as a defensive end from 1993 to 2007, leading the team to win Super Bowl XLII during his final season.

After retiring from football, he transitioned to a successful career as a television presenter and talk show host, currently co-hosting Good Morning America and contributing to other television programs.

Wanda Hutchins now runs her business, Wandaful Home Designs, which specializes in repurposing furniture. While she used to have an active presence on Instagram under the username @wandafulhomedesigns, she has been inactive for over three years.

Her social media and website, as mentioned in her Instagram bio, are no longer accessible. Wanda prefers to keep her personal life private and seldom shares images of herself online.

In Michael Strahan’s second divorce from Jean Muggli, Wanda Hutchins supported him. She revealed that she received $2500 per month in child support and mentioned that they lived in a $163,000 home in Texas, which Michael had purchased for the family.

Wanda expressed satisfaction with the settlement, stating it was enough to raise their children. She also defended Michael against allegations of infidelity and being an absent father, emphasizing that he was a loving and committed parent.

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Wanda and Michael’s love story began in Germany, where they met as teenagers. They maintained a long-distance relationship as Michael pursued his football career and education, shuttling between Germany and Texas.

They welcomed their first child, Tania, in 1992 and married shortly after. Their second child, Michael Strahan Jr., was born in 1993 when Michael began playing for the New York Giants.

The couple’s marriage ended in 1996, and while the exact reason for their split remains undisclosed, Wanda later admitted they were too young to handle the responsibilities of married life.

Michael’s infidelity allegations against Wanda were never fully addressed in the public eye. Since their divorce, Wanda has not remarried, but she has a son whose father’s identity has not been revealed.

We will also explore the topic of the wives of other notable celebrities and provide insights and information about their lives and contributions. 

Wanda Hutchins is a mother to three children. Her eldest daughter, Tanita Strahan, was born in 1992 and is now an artist in Los Angeles. Michael Strahan Jr., her second-born son, was born in 1994 and pursued a career in New York City after graduating from the University of Texas.

The youngest child, Dorian Hansley, was born after Wanda’s divorce from Michael, and although his biological father remains unknown, Michael considers him part of his own family.

Wanda Hutchins has chosen to maintain a private life and has refrained from discussing her personal relationships or sharing details on social media. She focuses on her business and raising her children, supported by Michael’s involvement and care for their family.

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