What Was Chrissy's Trauma in Stranger Things
What Was Chrissy's Trauma in Stranger Things

What Was Chrissy’s Trauma in Stranger Things?

Throughout her battle with cancer, Sevgi tried to keep a positive outlook on things. When she discovered that her cancer had returned, her hopes were dashed, according to her medical records. As others in the same situation had recommended Zaman, she decided to give it a go. Even though Ada would be hurt, she also knew that she had no choice but to act in the best interest of her own well-being. When Ada asked Leyla for a ride to Ayvalik, she discovered their plan.

At first, she tried to stop Sevgi, but in the end, she decided to support her friend. Even though it was a little town, Ayvalik was a popular destination for people from all over the world who came to see Zaman. It is unlikely that Sevgi would have given her medical attention when they first met. Despite the fact that he could not guarantee her success, he would do everything in his power to assist her in her recovery. All of Sevgi’s options for healing were on the table after she had finished chemotherapy. When Zaman stroked her palm, she felt an ethereal power touch her soul, which strengthened her faith even more.

Because illness is often the result of trauma passed down through our ancestor’s generations, Zaman believes that understanding one’s own past and dealing with the emotions that accompany it are essential. Sevgi’s therapy in Ayvalik was a success, despite her strict orders not to talk about her spiritual experiences until her reports were made public. She made the decision to move to Ayvalik because of her newfound spirituality, and the proximity to the ocean is what she values most. She even resigned from her position as an attorney at the law firm where she had previously worked and went back to working for herself. Ada quickly realised that she was in a better place when she saw her.

What Was Chrissy's Trauma in Stranger Things
What Was Chrissy’s Trauma in Stranger Things

In light of Fred Benson’s death and Max Mayfield’s suicide, it becomes evident that Vecna is preying on people who have been traumatised, and only those people.. Guidance counsellors saw all of his (very young) victims for personal difficulties ranging from self-harm to physical and emotional abuse to overwhelming grief and thoughts of suicide. Even though their lives have been plagued by tragedy, they now… get to die horribly?

I was left reeling by this repeating motif. If Stranger Things 4 was trying to make a point, it wasn’t one that was ultimately made in the end. Instead, the entire season is transformed into a form of torture porn with real-life victims. When Vecna unleashes his “curse,” he only targets young people who were in dire need of assistance but were instead chosen out for death as a result of unfortunate events in their lives. Yeah. So we’re stuck watching them go through this cycle of pain and anguish over and over.

Most generously, I’m going to interpret what the authors may have intended to say as a statement on how some forms of abuse can be passed down through generations. Eleven and Henry Creel are both dealing with the effects of Dr. Brenner’s treatment of them while they were in his care in various storylines this season. Eleven brings this up in her fight with Henry/Vecna in an attempt to gain the ear of the monster’s man within.


As she points out, “I’m aware of what he did to you,” she continues. “There was something odd about you. I’m just like you. He also injured you. He fashioned you in His image… Then I’m in. Henry, he’s a monster. “Not you,” you say. Trying to persuade Vecna that we don’t have to bear the scars of our past, and that we don’t have to inflict the same pain on others, she tells her.

However, that message is flatly ignored throughout the show, despite its strength and importance. Vecna is of the opposite opinion. After he was transported into the Upside Down, he claims Eleven was the one who transformed him into a monster (sidestepping the small matter that she did so because he had just slaughtered a laboratory full of children and adults). The power he found in the Upside Down allowed him “to become the predator I was always born to be.”

Attempts to make Vecna/Henry/001 sympathetic or the manifestation of prior trauma fall apart at this point. Henry Creel was born a monster, according to what we’ve heard. He was reared in what appears to be a caring home, yet he’s a full-blown psychopath. As a child, he was obsessed with torturing animals and abusing his family. Before he kills his mother and sister, he tricks them into believing their house is haunted with his developing psychic talents. He then accuses his father of their deaths.


Nothing in Brenner’s subsequent treatment of Henry was done because Henry “deserved” to be treated like a lab rat in the first place. Though he may appear to be “bad” now, the plot and Henry’s personality make it evident that he was always this way – a born predator. And therefore, Vecna isn’t looking for trauma victims out of some sick kinship or depraved desire to alleviate their “suffering” in the slightest. This creature feeds on and is fuelled by the psychic energy of pain, and he understands that there is more to draw from those who are struggling than they might realise. For those who are traumatised, mentally ill, or insecure, Vecna is “motivated by a vicious and misanthropic mindset,” the Stranger Things wiki says. Charming.


When Eddie’s body was found in Chrissy’s trailer, the entire community launched a manhunt for Eddie, especially Chrissy’s ex-boyfriend Jason, who claimed Eddie used a Satanic ritual to kill Chrissy and Fred. As a result, Eddie was deemed the major suspect in both her and Fred’s deaths. As soon as they were done with Chrissy’s file, Max Mayfield, Steve Harrington, and Dustin Henderson entered Ms. Kelly. In addition to Fred’s body, they discovered and studied the symptoms she had been experiencing before to her death at the hands of Vecna.

When Max compared the reports, he saw that one of the symptoms was headaches, which Fred also had. Before they died, Chrissy and Fred were both seeing the same counsellor for help with their mental health issues related to their horrific experiences. As a result of her dreams over Billy’s death, Max had been visiting Ms. Kelly and experienced the same symptoms as Chrissy and Fred.  If she and her friends would not find an answer to Chrissy’s symptoms in time, Max realised that she, too, would meet a tragic end. For the Demobats to leave the old Creel house, where Vecna was hiding, Eddie played his Metallica solo “Master of Puppets” in honour of Chrissy while he was trapped in the Upside Down.


It was easy to think of Chrissy as the stereotypically outgoing cheerleader, but her eating illness, most likely bulimia, was far more pervasive than she let on (though possibly binge-purge anorexia). As a result of her mother’s constant criticism of her appearance, she has developed an eating disorder and an unhealthy body image. Chrissy’s eating issue likely developed as a result of her mother’s relentless pressure to maintain Chrissy’s excellent looks while also controlling her behaviour Chrissy kept her inner demons hidden from her friends and, in particular, from Jason, her lover.

Despite the fact that they appeared to be in a close relationship, the two were actually somewhat apart. Eddie Munson, who hadn’t spoken to Chrissy in years but saw something was off about her during their drug exchange, noticed right away what Jason had missed. Despite preexisting bias, Chrissy was courteous to others despite Jason’s anger with Eddie’s antics, calling him a “prick” and a “freak.” In spite of the disparaging labels their peers had placed on Eddie Munson, she maintained a cordial relationship with him. As a result of Chrissy’s positive outlook and kind disposition, her death at the hands of Vecna was even more terrible.

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