When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating
When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating

When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating?

When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating: When did Hinata and Naruto begin dating? One of the most outstanding anime series ever, Naruto Shippuden, is well-known to everyone who has used the internet recently. You’ve undoubtedly watched some of the show if you’ve heard of it. You’re now undoubtedly wondering when Hinata and Naruto will start dating.

That is a legitimate concern because, despite the teases offered to the audience, nothing is confirmed until the very end of the performance. So if you want to know When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating? What Episode Did Naruto And Hinata Start Dating? Then keep reading.

The Fourth Great Ninja War has come close, but everyone is wondering when Naruto and Hinata will start dating. When did Hinata and Naruto start dating? About 20 episodes remain before the show ends, and the manga is finished. There are currently no indications that the couple is dating.

You might wonder when Naruto and Hinata began dating if you’ve watched Naruto and then Naruto Shippuden. Please continue reading to find out when the No. 1 Most Unpredictable Ninja will receive his happy ending.

When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating?

When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating?

A meeting between Naruto and Hinata occurs between episodes 499 and 500. The entire group is seen tidying up and receiving happy endings following the Fourth Great Ninja War. Even Naruto gets a haircut. However, they don’t show Hinata and Naruto together.

The relationship is depicted in “Naruto the Last,” between episodes 499 and 500.

Without giving too much, Hinata is taken away in the film, and Naruto needs to recover her. In conclusion, Naruto is seen realising his affection for her and kissing her. They meet in person at this point.

When Does Naruto Begin Dating Hinata?

Although they don’t appear together until the show’s end, their connection is hinted at throughout. Hinata began to pass out whenever Naruto approached. Poor thing was suffering so much because of Naruto that she kept passing out.

Then, even though Naruto was unaware of her motives, she provided him with a highly potent healing balm during the chunin tests.

Hinata defending Naruto was one particular incident during Shippuden when the entire audience had to endure the Pain invasion. She went down there despite knowing she had no chance against Pain.

The marriage of Naruto and Hinata is finally shown to us in the last episode of Naruto Shippuden. We see them joyfully residing together with their children at the very end. It was a touching way to wrap up one of the most touching programmes of all time.

What Episode Did Naruto Confess To Hinata?

Unfortunately, neither Shippuden nor the Boruto series gave us insight into how Naruto and Hinata’s relationship evolved.

In no anime episodes does Naruto declare his love for her or make a date request. Throughout the anime, he has remained entirely unaware of Hinata’s emotions.

During Pain’s attack on Konohagakure, Hinata admits her emotions for Naruto in Shippuden, but the story doesn’t change. He becomes angry throughout the battle and transforms into the Kyuubi.

After beating Pain, Naruto transforms back into his natural form, but he loses some memory of what happened, especially the portion where Hinata professed her love for him.

However, he understands that Hinata still cares for him, although his town turned against him in the film “The Last.”

At the very conclusion of the film, everything takes place. Naruto manages to pronounce the three words, and the two share a kiss and begin dating. In the novel Konoha Hiden, they later get married and have children together.

When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating?

When Do Naruto And Hinata Start Dating – FAQs

1. When does Naruto kiss Hinata?

The final scene of the film is Naruto.

2. Does Sakura marry Sasuke?

Sometime between Sasuke’s journeys, he marries Sakura. Between Boruto: The Next Generations and the conclusion of Naruto Shippuden.

3. Does Naruto become Hokage?

However, this happens in Boruto, not in Naruto. Naruto Shippuden does not.

4. Did Naruto and Hinata get married?

In the final Naruto Shippuden episode, Naruto and Hinata are wed.

5. What do Boruto and Himawari mean?

Himawari means sunflowers, and Boruto tells bolt. They were each given the name Neji.

6. When does Hinata confess to Naruto?

During the Pain assault, Hinata tells Naruto what she has done.

7. Do the Hyuuga accept Naruto?

They do, indeed. They all seem to be quite close in Boruto: The Next Generation.

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