Who Is Ainsley Earhardt Dating
Who Is Ainsley Earhardt Dating

Who Is Ainsley Earhardt Dating: What Is The Reason Of Not Admitting It?

Who Is Ainsley Earhardt Dating? In his Fox News show, Hannity is known for posing challenging questions, but he won’t discuss his private life. Therefore, the public didn’t find out about the split between Hannity and Jill Rhodes until long after the divorce was final. The couple, who were married for over twenty years, said they would divorce in 2020.

For the sake of their kids, Sean and Jill will do whatever it takes to work together as a team. Sean and Jill have worked together for more than four years to reach agreements that have benefited both of them.

A statement claims that the couple “has a strong relationship because of their shared responsibility for raising their children”. In order to keep their kids safe, “neither will make any further statements and ask that their privacy be respected.”

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There have been no broken words from either Hannity or Rhodes. Actually, Sean Patrick and Merri Kelly still attend occasional family gatherings with their parents.  Sources say that despite their divorce, Sean and Jill are wonderful parents. Regarding his private life, Hannity has remained silent.

The two Fox News hosts have been linked, but neither Hannity nor Ainsley Earhardt has admitted to the relationship. It appeared as though they were dating when they attended a party together in the year 2020. Sources say that Earhardt broadcast “Fox & Friends” from the basement of Hannity’s Long Island mansion during the outbreak.

Who Is Ainsley Earhardt Dating?

Though Hannity and Earhardt have both denied rumors of a romance, a source close to the couple has said, “It’s been an open secret.” One of Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt’s friends claims that the two Fox News hosts have been dating “for years.”

It was first reported by Vanity Fair on Thursday morning, but both of them have since denied any romantic involvement. “Right now, I’m focused on parenting my kid,” Earhardt, a co-host on Fox & Friends, stated through a network representative.

If you ask around at Fox News, you’ll hear the same thing: “Sean is a great guy, and whoever he chooses to date is going to be very lucky.” Hannity said through a representative, “I do not discuss my personal life in public.”An insider, though, alleges that they’ve “been covertly seeing each other for years.”

It’s been an open fact that they’ve been dating, but “he’s very discreet because he’s famous and controversial,” a source said. For the past few months, Earhardt has been renting a property close to Hannity’s Long Island, New York, the home studio where she has been recording her music.

Hannity and Earhardt

Two of Fox News’ top stars, Sean Hannity (age 58) and Ainsley Earhardt (age 43), have reportedly been dating “for quite some time” in Vanity Fair’s reporting. Vanity Fair reported on June 11 that conservative commentators Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt were dating, calling them “the first couple of Fox News,” and citing an unnamed Fox employee who claimed that during the recent coronavirus outbreak, Ainsley was hosting Fox & Friends from the basement of Sean’s Long Island mansion.

Who Is Fox News Ainsley Earhardt Dating
Who Is Fox News Ainsley Earhardt Dating

Sean and Ainsley Sparked Dating Rumors

The rumors of a romantic relationship between the two co-hosts began circulating around 2020. According to Vanity Fair, Sean and Earhardt had previously dated. Their attendance at Pete Hegseth and Jennifer Rauchet’s wedding in August 2019 sparked speculation that the two were an item.

Pete and Jennifer’s wedding was held at the Trump National Golf Course in New Jersey. The talk show hosts’ helicopter arrival at the event surprised viewers around the world. That’s an interesting method to walk in there. Former Fox executives reportedly praised their entry, calling it “excellent.”

Although Sean and Ainsley had not yet publicly acknowledged their relationship, witnesses said that the two behaved very much like a couple at the wedding. Their relationship status was confirmed even by some Fox News staffers.

They didn’t simply come out and state that Hannity and Earhardt were an item. They were participating, a trusted source told me. I spotted it when everyone was in the room. When the Covid-19 hit, Ainsley was running her operations from Sean’s Long Island, New York, mansion.

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