Who Is Alyssa From Mafs Dating
Who Is Alyssa From Mafs Dating

Who Is Alyssa From MAFS Dating? Are She and Chris Still Married?

Who Is Alyssa From MAFS Dating: ‘Married at First Sight,’ also known as ‘MAFS,’ is one of the most exciting and unusual reality television programs. Maybe it’s because it’s so novel to go through the motions of marriage in reverse. Expectant singles are matched with prospective spouses each season, using relationship experts’ advice. The couple gets married on the first day of meeting each other and moves in together to find their new husbands.

This unscripted show about marriage is a goldmine of fun. While some married couples experience a happily-ever-after, the vast majority experience some degree of marital difficulty before they finally find one other again. One such team, Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette from season 14 exemplified the significant effects of such an alliance.

The viewers were entertained and intrigued by the couple’s dynamic during their time on the show. Many fans probably wonder if the two got back together once filming concluded. This is the whole truth about Alyssa and Chris’s turbulent marriage.

Alyssa and Chris’ Married at First Sight Journey

Alyssa Ellman, 30, a social media manager from Boston, married Chris Collette, 35, a realtor she met on the show “Married at First Sight” Season 14. This show has plenty of bad marriages, but this one may take the cake. They were an oil-and-water combination from the moment they tied the knot. Chris, Alysa’s future husband, saw that she did not appear thrilled to be making her way down the aisle to meet him.

As for the rest of the marriage, it was the same story. In an episode of “Married at First Sight: Afterparty,” Chris admitted that things had been even tenser behind the scenes when they had gone to the municipal hall to get their marriage license.

His new wife supposedly acted coldly and would not give him her contact information. All that timidity may have been an excuse, but when the officiant asked the couple to consent to the marriage, Alyssa’s true feelings about the union were revealed.

Chris told Keshia Knight Pulliam, host of “Married at First Sight: Afterparty,” “I said yes.” Her quiet was deafening. Neither of us exchanged any words. She had signed the papers but refused to answer “I do” when the officiant asked. Meanwhile, Alyssa was reportedly consulting with legal counsel and staying out of harm’s way. Alyssa and Chris also set a precedent for the reality show by not sleeping together on their wedding night.

Alyssa and Chris’s honeymoon was a huge letdown after the traumatic beginning. The two of them were constantly at odds with one another. Although most couples immediately begin making plans to move in together after their honeymoon, the team looked to be headed in opposite directions regarding this issue. Alyssa said she didn’t feel comfortable moving in with Chris, even though Chris had no qualms about sharing a home with his new partner.

Neither Chris nor the show’s producers seemed to like Alyssa’s suggestion that they take turns living alone in the flat for a few weeks. The spouse discussed the situation with his sister and asked for advice on how to move forward. After getting off to such a bad start, what changed? Were they able to get past it and continue? Detailed information is provided below.

Are Alyssa and Chris Still Married?

Who Is Alyssa From MAFS Dating
Who Is Alyssa From MAFS Dating

Perhaps the shortest “Married at First Sight” marriage was that of Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette. After about ten days, the couple’s adventure on the show was cut short. Chris was fed up after they argued about their living arrangements. Chris explained to Pastor Cal that he wasn’t getting married to Alyssa since she “had no interest in being married to me” after their wedding night.

She claims that we simply aren’t a good match. The word “robbed” was used by her. And it all began on the wedding’s big night. Chris declared, “Today is the day I make my choice.” I’m ready to call it quits. Chris and Pastor Cal had a heart-to-heart, and shortly afterward, Chris and his wife decided to leave the social experiment. Chris said in the reunion episode that he might have left earlier if he’d known how bad things were behind his back.

Perhaps the real estate agent was alluding to the ex-scathing wife’s statements about him that were caught on tape and played for him afterward. Alyssa claimed she had good intentions when she applied for the program, but now she regretted she hadn’t spoken some of the things she had.

Alyssa said she did not have romantic feelings for Chris but that the information revealed by his groomsmen sent her into a tailspin. The warning that her new husband might come across as condescending was a red flag for her. Alyssa also believed that she and Chris did not have much in common regarding their core beliefs and interests. Nonetheless, she deeply regretted her behavior and felt terrible about the harm she may have caused to Chris.

Alyssa and Chris were once married, but despite their mutual beliefs, the relationship had broken down and they were no longer together. Though their time on the show was brief, it was triumphant. The couple created an incredible amount of drama and mayhem that will not be forgotten soon. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors and hope they find the happiness they seek.

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