Who is Michael Strahan Dating
Who is Michael Strahan Dating

Michael Strahan’s Wife: Who Is She? Is He Marrried or Not?

Former American football player Michael Strahan is now a prominent figure in the media. He is a co-host of ABC’s Good Morning America and a Fox NFL Sunday football analyst. In addition to his work on Charlie’s Angels and Ice Age: Collision Course, he has also starred in the hit film Magic Mike XXL.

Is Michael Strahan Dating Anyone?

As of the year 2022, Michael Strahan is rumoured to be dating a woman named Kayla Quick, who is 20 years younger than the athlete. When she met Strahan, she was working as a waitress and stripper in a pub in Port Charlotte. Their first public appearance together was at the 2015 Super Bowl after-party. Kayla became widely known in the media after she and Michael were sighted together in the Caribbean island of St. Barts in 2016. They appear to be very content together and have chosen to keep their romance under wraps.

Who is Michael Strahan Dating
Who is Michael Strahan Dating

He was engaged to Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell

Together, Strahan and reality star/former fashion model Nicole Mitchell have nine children. Their relationship began in 2007. Mitchell’s first husband was actor and comedian Eddie Murphy, and Michael’s second wife Jean Muggli filed for divorce in 2006. On May 22, 2009, the two became engaged. They were together for seven years before they broke up in 2014. Their split was not amicable. Although it was established that time and distance had a role in their breakup.

Michael Strahan second wife, Jean Muggli

Jean Muggli, Michael Strahan’s second wife, and he began dating in 1996. They met in her Manhattan spa. He eventually married Jean Muggli, his girlfriend of nearly three years, in 1999. On October 28, 2004, they were given the gift of identical twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia Strahan. When they got married, they immediately hit it off and stayed that way for seven wonderful years. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 2006.

Michael had to pay $15 million in the divorce settlement and $18,000 a month in child support. Strahan’s mansion sold for $3.6 million, and she walked away with $1.8 million.


Michael was first married to Wanda Hutchins

It all started in Germany in 1992, when Michael Strahan tied the knot with Wanda Hutchins. They went to the same high school and he met his future wife there when he was 14 and she was 12. In January 1992, after dating for more than a year and having their daughter, the couple tied the knot. Soon after, Michael and his wife made the journey to the United States, where they had two wonderful children: Tanita and Michael Jr. The couple’s marriage began to deteriorate with the birth of their second child.

Michael Strahan has Four children

Michael Strahan’s first wife, Wanda Hutchins, gave birth to two children. Tanita, a daughter, was born to him in November 1991, and Michael Anthony Strahan, Jr. followed in 1995. In addition, he and his second wife Jean Muggli had twins, Isabella and Sophia, in October 2004. They each post stunning self-portraits on social media from all over the world, and it can be difficult to tell Isabella and Sophia apart.

Michael Strahan and Kyla Quick Relationship

When the year 2021 rolls around, former NFL star and journalist Michael is over over heels in love with model Kayla Quick. The information provided suggests that Michale and Kayla initially met while she was working as a server in a local tavern. As a result of their public display of affection at the 2015 Suoer Bowl celebration, the couple’s relationship became well known.

They had been together for six years with no reports of any problems or breakup. The two of them seem to have an unusual amount of affection for and regard for one another. They frequently take trips together. And although though Michael is nearly a decade older than Kayla, they’ve shown that age is no barrier to love. The football player had previously been engaged to and married to a total of three women before settling down with Kayla.

Wanda Hutchin was his first wife. When their daughter was born in 1992, the couple tied the knot. Tanita, his daughter, and Michale, Jr., his son, are his offspring from his relationship with Wanda. They had been together since the 1970s, but they broke up in 1996. This was followed by his marriage to Jean Muggli. They hit it off after meeting at a spa and quickly became an item. The two tied the knot in 1999 and are parents to identical twins named Isabella and Sophia. They were married for a short time before splitting up in 2006.

Similarly, Michael proposed to Nicole Mitchell in 2009, but the couple split up in 2014, after they had been together for five years. Actor Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole. Michael hasn’t tied the knot or gotten engaged since then, but he has been seeing Kayla Quick for the past six years. Friends and family of the couple are anxiously awaiting their wedding, but the date of the nuptials is still unknown.

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