Who Is Nas Dating
Who Is Nas Dating

Who Is Nas Dating? What Is His Romantic History?

Who Is Nas: On September 14, 1973, Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones entered the world. His Mississippian father, Olu Dara, and his North Carolinian mother, Fannie Ann, raised him. His father plays in a jazz and blues band. The United States is where his mother currently works. The Postal Service. Rapper Jabari “Jungle” Nas is Nas’s brother.

Hip hop band the Bravehearts, of whom Jabari is a member, has him as a member. Nas started playing the trumpet when he was only four years old. Nas, at age 9, learned about the emerging music genre called rap. His parents split up in the ’80s. Nas did not continue his education past the eighth grade. Who Is Nas Dating?

Who Is Nas Dating?

Nas’s daughter Destiny was born on June 15, 1994. Nas’s baby’s mom is Carmen Bryan, who he dated before they broke up. In retrospect, Carmen acknowledged that she had an affair with Nas’s enemy and adversary, Jay-Z. Nas dated Mary J. Blige for a short time. Nas lost his mother, Fannie Ann, in 2002. They dated for two years before getting married in 2005 in Atlanta, where Nas was a big star.

While seven months along in her pregnancy, Kelis filed for divorce in April 2009, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason. On July 21, 2009, Kelis gave birth to Knight, her son, with rapper Nas. On May 21, 2010, the divorce was finalized between the couple. According to allegations made by Kelis in 2018, Nas was physically and emotionally abusive to her during their marriage.

Nas has gone on record saying that Kelis has attacked him physically and verbally. The tension between the exes has not subsided. Since her divorce from Nas, Kelis has welcomed a second kid and strongly refuted his assertions that she is hiding Knight from him. Nas and Carmen Bryan, the mother of his daughter Destiny, got back together in June 2020 to celebrate the woman’s 26th birthday.

Are Nas and Draya Michele Dating?

It has been speculated that Nas, a significant figure in the history of hip hop, has been romantically involved with Draya Michele, a star of the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. A few months after the model publicly declared her single status, speculations of a romantic relationship between the two began to circulate.

Draya and Nas are partying it up in the Bahamas in a picture she shared online. The rapper sported a sultry appearance in his hat and crossed his hands casually while his female companion teased a glimpse of her curves in a high-split white skirt and a crop top hanging over his shoulder. The two appear to be quite an at ease with one another and are having a wonderful time on the island.

Basketball Wives star Alicia Silverstone referred to the rapper by his official surname in the caption of a photo she uploaded of the two of them. Earlier in the day, she posted pictures of her and her friends partying aboard a yacht. It has been suggested that she has been having the time of her life ever since Draya and her ex-husband, NFL star Orlando Scandrick, divorced.

She announced her disinterest on social media in December. I’ve been single all of December,” she posted on Instagram. So please keep your opinions to yourself if you have any about me or the guy I was engaged to before. We couldn’t care less… Have a wonderful holiday season!

Draya and Orlando were an on-again, off-again couple for an extended period. They were engaged several times but ultimately never married. Of course, we all hope that Nas, the eligible bachelor, finds the woman he deserves. However, only time will tell if the fans are genuinely over the thought of the rapper and the reality star getting together. It’s possible (but not sure) that they’re something entirely else.

Are Nas and Nicki Minaj Dating?


In September 2017, Nas and Nicki Minaj began dating, and it quickly became apparent that hip-hop had a new power couple on their hands. The couple had called it quits by the beginning of the new year, and the rapper’s ex-wife, Kelis, was more devastated by the breakup than their fans.

The singer told The Hollywood Unlocked that she was happy to hear the news that Nicki and Nas had started dating, even though she had been unaware of the relationship before she heard it from the magazine. Before his birthday, I had no idea they were dating when I saw images of him in Argentine flamenco attire. “she remarked. As their romance ended, the singer joked that she hoped the two MCs would get back together.

In other words, “I don’t want him,” as Kelis put it. In the first place, it’s hilarious that people mistook me for furious. Why? Soak him up! God, if you’re listening, please bring him back. Please! PLEASE RETURN HIM to me! He seems lonely to me. The problem began after she departed. Get back here! No, I wasn’t angry about it. Please don’t think that I was crazy.

When Kelis recently revealed that her marriage to Nas, which lasted from 2005 to 2010, wasn’t a fairy tale ending, fans were understandably shocked. Kelis recognizes that her fans feel strongly about the couple’s romance and subsequent divorce, but she encourages them to move on because she has.

What Is His Romantic History?

We will keep this page updated with any new information we get about Nas’s romantic life, which he, like other celebrities, prefers to keep under wraps. Nas’s exes: he was previously married to Kelis (2005 – 2010). He has been in at least 9 previous relationships.

To our knowledge, Nas has never been married before. Nas’s exes include Nicki Minaj (2017–2018), Mary J. Blige (1997), Carmen Bryan (1992–2001), and K.D. Tracee Ellis Ross, Aubert, and Foxy Brown. We’re presently researching past encounters to learn more about the couple.

The internet’s tales about Nass’s alleged former relationships have a wide margin of error. It’s easy to find out who Nas is seeing at any given time, but keeping track of all his affairs, hookups, and breakups is more challenging. It’s already challenging to keep track of everyone the stars have dated.

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