Who Is Viola Davis Married To
Who Is Viola Davis Married To

Who Is Viola Davis Married To? When Did They Get Married?

The fact that Viola Davis is up to Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama due to her compelling performance in The Woman King is what has us most excited about the Golden Globes’ return.

While we support the 55-year-old actress during award shows from the comfort of our couches, her husband of 19 years is also constantly lending his love and support.

So, who is Viola Davis’s husband, Julius Tennon? Read on to learn everything we know.

Who Is Viola Davis Married To, Julius Tennon?

Tennon is a producer and actor like his wife. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Tennon has a significant theater background and has worked in the TV and movie industries. Fans of Criminal Minds might recognize him as Carl Buford, the antagonist.

The 69-year-old was also quite an athlete when he was younger. Bustle also claims that the former football player made theater history when he “was offered a full scholarship to the University of Tulsa, and became the first African-American student to graduate from the school’s theater program.”

He and Davis established JuVee Productions in 2011 as a joint venture.

How Did Julius Tennon And Viola Meet?

Briefly, Davis prayed for him, and he showed up. Literally.

In 2013, she admitted to Page Six, “I was the loneliest woman in the world, and someone said, ‘You should just pray for a husband,’” The television personality claimed that she was searching for a “Black man from the South who looked like a football player, who already had children, who maybe had been married before.”

The two eventually met on the CBS television show City of Angels set three weeks later. He also fulfilled the majority of her requirements.

Who Is Viola Davis Married To

Tennon revealed during an appearance on an episode of OWN’s Black Love that he approached the actress after overhearing her mention not knowing anyone. The two then went on their first date a little over a month later.

In the same episode, Davis said, “I was terrified, because he told me exactly who he was―he was absolutely honest about his past,” “And then he brought me home, and he just said, ‘You are a very beautiful and nice woman, and it was a pleasure spending time with you.’ And he shook my hand.”

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Where Did Julius Tennon And Viola Davis Go on Their First Date?

On their first date, Tennon apparently displayed his “Texas” hospitality to the fullest. The Crocodile Cafe in Santa Monica was the couple’s first romantic outing, the How to Get Away with Murder alum revealed to the Los Angeles Times. “You said that you loved the bread basket!” Davis elucidated. Tennon responded, “Oh, yeah…the bread was fresh and good.”

Davis recalled driving her home in his car, and she continued, “And he drove me to the front curb and shook my hand. He said I was beautiful and that he’d had such a beautiful time…and he stayed there until I got to the door of my apartment. He was such a gentleman.”

When Did Julius Tennon And Viola Davis Get Married?

According to E! News, the couple married in 2003 in a small ceremony (with only 15 guests) at their shared condo and later celebrated with 100 people in Rhode Island.

Davis and Tennon renewed their vows of love in 2016, and Tennon even posted a photo from the ceremony to her Instagram account. She captioned the picture, “‘We are most alive when we’re in love.’ -John Updike.”


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Do Julius Tennon And Viola Davis Have Any Children?

Indeed, they do. Genesis was adopted by the couple in 2011, and Davis frequently shares pictures of her online. Davis is the stepmother of Tennon’s two children from a previous marriage.

How Do Julius Tennon And Viola Davis Manage To Maintain Their Relationship?

The couple has been married for 17 years and is still going strong. The key to their enduring union? Daily time spent together.

“We have together time every single morning when we get in the jacuzzi and we have together time every night ’cause we get in the tub together,” the actress from How to Get Away with Murder told People. “And we soak in the tub and we talk. Sometimes he falls asleep with his mouth open! I give him facials. And we just chat, chat, chat, and he’s just really sweet. Every single day we do that.”

She said, “I think [the everyday] is what people forget when they fall in love with someone and it’s exciting. You have to get back to the everyday—the taking the garbage out, the cooking, the cleaning—and it’s something that I think really works with me and my husband.”

According to Davis, “Every day is like a date.” We adore it.

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