Why Did Lexi and Ben Break Up
Why Did Lexi and Ben Break Up

Why Did YouTube Couple Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart Split?

In 2018, Lexi, who gained celebrity with her brother, Brent Rivera, began uploading videos of herself with her new boyfriend. Before meeting Lexi, Ben was a YouTube travel vlogger. There are more than 5.2 million subscribers between Lexi and Ben, but things are about to alter drastically for both sites.

Lexi and Ben broke up, but why? They broke down and talked about what went wrong in their relationship and how their breakup had been coming along.

Why did Lexi and Ben from YouTube break up?

Ben and Lexi maintained a journal during their three-year relationship, detailing the highs and lows of their time together. Most of their vlogs were comedic, but in their breakup videos, they admitted that they had made everything seem incredible to the cameras. Nothing significant happened between Lexi and Ben, but they did decide to end their relationship.

Lexi confirmed the breakup in her “We Broke Up” video after joking about it in the beginning. They sat down, and she told Ben what had transpired. After reassuring each other of their undying affection and support for one another, Lexi and Ben discussed the factors that led to their decision to part ways.

Just so you all know, Lexi said, “our relationship has been up in the air.” We’ve been highly on-and-off-again, and I don’t believe we were sure what we wanted to do until now, which is why we’re finally producing a video for you guys. “I know that it’s been super confusing for you guys, and that’s because it’s been just as confusing for us.”

Why Did Lexi and Ben Break Up
Why Did Lexi and Ben Break Up

The next topic she addressed was the beginning phases of her romance with Ben. Three years ago, Lexi said, she met Ben, and then “fun fact,” they didn’t communicate for approximately six months. “I didn’t hear a word from Lexi for the first six months of our friendship,” Ben revealed. When the two finally hit it off and started dating, they did it in front of the cameras. Three years have passed since their fling, and Lexi believes they’ve concluded that they’re better off as friends.

Ben conceded that the couple’s dynamic changed when the cameras were turned off. “Being in a relationship is one thing, but being in a relationship online is another story,” Ben remarked. To put it bluntly, “it wasn’t simple,” and “it was quite complicated for us.” Ben and Lexi started dating when they were still teenagers, but they claim they’ve since outgrown each other.

Ben said, “We evolved as individuals throughout those years. At first, working together to create videos was one of the most amazing things, and we had a great time doing it.” I think what’s hard is that we want to make you people happy and make us happy. I believe, eventually, we just didn’t do both. “As the years passed, it became too convoluted and confusing.”

By sharing their formative years as adults, the pair realized they had missed out on developing their identities. The YouTubers said they aren’t entirely ruling out rekindling their romance. Fans of both actors will be relieved to hear that a reconciliation is possible. Lexi and Ben have decided to be cordial until they figure out their future together. They made a pact at the start of their relationship to remain amicable if things were ever to end. Ben pledged that the two would remain close friends and work to keep it that way.

How Old Are Ben and Lexi?

Some viewers may have been curious about Ben and Lexi’s ages after they discussed how young they were when they first started dating. Ben will turn 19 on January 10, 2021, while Lexi entered the world in June of that year. In Lexi’s breakup video, Ben revealed that they started dating when he was 15. When Lexi and Ben first started dating, she was only 16. While Lexi and Ben share a passion for vlogging, they are confident in their abilities to strike out on their own as young adults.

Ben Personal Life

On January 10, 2002, Ben Azelart was born to Jill and Lionel Azelart in Texas. His name is Julien, and he is the older sibling. He went to Kailua Intermediate School in Hawaii.

Recently, reports have circulated that Azelart is dating Brent Rivera’s younger sister, Lexi. They worked together on several of Azelart’s Instagram videos. Even though they both appeared in the online serial “Brobot,” neither of them will disclose their involvement.

How Much Money Did Ben Azelart Make From YouTube?

After starting his eponymous YouTube channel in June 2014, he uploaded his first video in August 2016. This is the first video I’ve ever uploaded to YouTube, and it’s called “The Beginning of My YouTube! Pieces of Azelart’s regular life are featured. In 2018, he uploaded a video called “Never Have I Ever w/ Brent Rivera and Caleb Burton!” quickly gaining popularity.

That went viral and amassed millions of views in no time. His YouTube views and income have skyrocketed since then. As of June 2022, 10.1 million people are subscribed to Ben Azelart’s channel on YouTube. A total of 5.2 million people watched the last 10 videos in just one month. Based on the cost per thousand impressions and other variables, Social Blade predicts this will bring in between $17,700 and $283,200 monthly.


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The abbreviation “CPM” refers to the price per one thousand. The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) measures advertising effectiveness. For YouTube, this is measured in views, with the cost per thousand (CPM) based on ads being viewed for longer than 30 seconds. The price per thousand impressions (CPM) is what advertisers pay to have their commercial play before a video.

Ad views from various nations have varying CPMs, with countries like Norway and the United Kingdom having high CPMs. YouTube typically bills its contractors $0.18 per view. YouTubers receive 68% of this revenue through AdSense payouts. This means that Ben Azelart would earn $0.12 for every view or $122.50 per 1,000 views. Ben Azelart can make $624,200 each month from advertising with 5.2 million views.

We may have overestimated his revenues with this rate, which isn’t relevant to all channels. Your channel’s popularity and Google’s ad revenue determine how much you’ll get paid. Generally, a thousand impressions from an advertiser will cost them around $7.60 (gross). CPM prices often range from $4 to $10 for advertising. In some circumstances, the cost per mille (CPM) might be as low as $0.10.

Reasons for this discrepancy include but are not limited to the niche your video fits, the time of year (Christmas is a popular time for advertisements), your language, your country, the competition for advertising slots, and so on.

Total PPT revenue is difficult to pin down because viewers hail from many different parts of the world. To counter this, on average, YouTube only pays between $0.003 and $0.005 per view. So, if that’s the case, Ben Azelart’s YouTube channel could make $26,000 every month just from ads.

YouTubers rarely have a single source of revenue, though. Sponsorship deals, merchandise sales, and affiliate commissions help Ben Azelart rake in extra cash, thanks to his channel’s sizable subscriber base.

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