Yamaha launches automotive technology brand: the strongest 2000 horsepower electric drive system in history

What do you think of when you mention Yamaha? Motorcycle or electronic organ? In fact, motorcycles and electronic keyboards are only two of Yamaha’s many businesses. Yamaha, who likes to play cross-border, can only guess the field involved, and can’t do it without it. A few days ago, Yamaha announced that the automotive technology concept brand “α live” was officially established and announced its first batch of products. Among them, the oil-cooled motor unit, when installed on four wheels, has a maximum output of about 2000 horsepower.


Specifically, the first batch of products include: a new electric motor unit “αliveEE (electric engine)”, sound equipment “αliveAD (acoustic design), performance dampers “αlive” and shock absorbers “αliveET (Ex-TRAS)”.


Among them, the 50kW motor has reached the industry’s first-class output density, especially the use of segmented conductors in the coil, and increased air coefficient, making it a 13kg high output, high power and lightweight motor.


In addition, through the casting technology and thermal management technology cultivated in engine development, high cooling performance is achieved.

The biggest highlight of the newly developed 350kW motor is the use of a compact mechatronics electric unit, which also integrates gears and inverters, and can be used at a maximum voltage of 800V.


For the oil-cooled motor unit, when installed on four wheels, the maximum output power per month is 2000 horsepower, which is the strongest in history. Thanks to the oil cooling system used in the system, this layout can maintain high output and is fully constructed through simulation and actual machine evaluation.

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