Single Drunk Female

Your First Look at Freeform’s New Series Single Drunk Female

Single Drunk Female is Freeform’s latest comedy project, and the casting for characters seems very promising. Sofia Black-D’Elia’s Samantha will be leading the movie! It will be the perfect blend of comedy and the dark events of the 20s. Samantha’s deranged behaviour and her questionable life choices are something that every millennial can relate to. So, we are sure that this show will be a hit. But when will Single Drunk Female released?

As the trailer for Single Drunk Female is already out, we can now speak about it more confidently. The main character’s life is a complete disaster, but now she has decided that it’s time to reclaim her life. The trailer showed Samantha in a very miserable state, but at the same time, she had a friend who was her constant support. Deducing from this, the show won’t just be a sob story but also a wholesome story about friendship.

The series will only be available on Freeform’s platform. But will the new episodes become available on any other streaming site? You’ll read about it below!

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Single Drunk Female Release Date

Single Drunk Female will premiere on Freeform on January 20, 2022. The show will debut with the first 2 episodes, while the rest will follow the weekly schedule. New episodes will also become available on Hulu! So, in case you don’t have a subscription to Freeform, you can watch it on Hulu.

Single Drunk Female

Single Drunk Female is written and created by Finch. Therefore you shouldn’t miss out on the show! 

Single Drunk Female Cast

Sofia Black D’Elia will be in the limelight. Her character Samantha is coming very soon to make your lives a lot more interesting. Suppose you’re wondering where you have seen the actress before. Well, she has previously starred in “Skins”, “Gossip Girl”, “The Mick”, and “Your Honor”.

Single Drunk Female will also feature the following actors:

  • Ally Sheedy from  “The Breakfast Club”
  • Sasha Compère from “Love Life”
  • Rebecca Henderson from “Russian Doll”
  • Lily Mae Harrington from “Some Freaks,” “The Glee Project”

Sheedy will play Samantha’s control-freak mother. There will be a lot of fighting between her character and Samantha. On the other hand, Compere will play Samantha’s best friend, her support system. Henderson will play the typical lesbian character working at The Greeters at AA. Harrington will be Samantha’s “fun” friend, with who she drinks. As soon as Samantha leaves the rehab, she will be seen spending quality time with her. But is she a good influence or a bad influence? Well, we’ll find out once the show premiers! 

Single Drunk Female Plot

Samantha Fink will be the centre of the movie. She has completely ruined her life, but now she is getting th4 last chance of getting her life back together. To avoid jail, she decides to take up the opportunity of sobering up. This decision might be the best one she has ever made!

After sobering up, Samantha moves back in with her mother. Although it’s hard to adjust, she still manages. Samantha starts working at the grocery store, but she is surrounded by all the things that made her an alcoholic in the first place. After countless encounters with her former best friend, who is now dating her ex, she almost loses herself again. But she knows that this is the only chance she’ll ever get to improve herself.

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Her journey towards becoming a better person will surely make us cry. But will Samantha succeed in achieving her goal? Or will she give up? Guess we’ll find out once the show premieres on 20th January. 

Single Drunk Female Trailer

You can now stream the trailer for Single Drunk Female. The show will consist of 10 episodes! The footage showed Samantha sober and crashed into a car. It might be a metaphor for how hard her life has become even though she is trying her best to make herself better.

But the trailer also shows her surrounded by positive people who celebrate her every milestone, no matter how small it seems. Samantha is coming to rule the screens in January, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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