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News Watchlist Privacy Policy

Here at News Watchlist we value your readership and respect your personal privacy. We appreciate the personal nature of the data you provide us on our web site and acknowledge the importance of protecting this information.

In adopting this privacy policy, News Watchlist intent is to balance our legitimate business interests in collecting and using your personal information with your reasonable expectations of privacy. The policy may be revised or updated at any time and we encourage you to check back often to ensure that you are familiar with the most recent version and the terms of our policy.

When Does News Watchlist Collect My Personal Information?

There are three ways you can give personal information to News Watchlist: (1) by giving us your email address so we can send you email newsletters or updates on the site; (2) by giving us personal information when you give our editorial team tips; or (3) by giving us personal information when you leave comments on our articles or blog posts.

News Watchlist may also gather information that cannot be used to identify an individual, in addition to personal information like names, addresses (including street and email addresses), and phone numbers. This may include your computer’s operating system, the web browser you’re using, your ISP’s domain name, and the websites you visit immediately before and after visiting News Watchlist.

How Does News Watchlist Use My Personal Information?

The more we know about you, the better we are able to customize our web site to suit your personal preferences and interests. The e-mail address you provide may be used by News Watchlist for any reason, such as contacting you for editorial purposes or to advise you of any changes to our site. We may also from time to time send you messages about our marketing partners’ products.

To maintain a site that is free of charge and does not require registration, we display advertisements on our web site. We also use the information you give us to help our advertisers target the audience they want to reach. At no time does any party other than News Watchlist have access to your personally identifiable information, and you will never be contacted by any party other than News Watchlist.

You will always have the option to reject special offers and site updates if you decide to sign up for our updates or get emails from News Watchlist. Your selections are subject to change at any moment, and only those contacts that are compatible with your stated preferences will be made with you.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About My Privacy and News Watchlist?

Other details you willingly divulge on our comment pages or in any forums we may create in the future are made public. We urge you to exercise caution when disclosing personal information online because we have no control over the behaviour of visitors to our website.

Sharing any information is entirely voluntary and done so at your own peril. News Watchlist urges you to use caution and responsibility while exposing personal information online because privacy is a very personal issue.

News Watchlist respects your privacy. This privacy statement outlines the types of personal data we gather and how we utilise it. For more information on privacy policies in general, see our privacy policy primer.

Routine Information Collection

Basic visitor data is tracked by all web servers. Included in this data are IP addresses, browser details, timestamps, and referring pages, among other things. None of this data allows for the identification of specific site visitors. The data is kept track of for regular administration and maintenance needs.

Cookies and Web Beacons

In order to better serve visitors and/or provide them with tailored content, News Watchlist may employ cookies to collect data about visitors’ preferences and browsing histories.

In order to display adverts and other helpful information, advertising partners as well as other third parties may also use cookies, scripts, and/or web beacons to track visitors to our site. These third parties do the direct tracking on their own servers and in accordance with their own privacy policies.

Controlling Your Privacy

If your privacy is a concern, you can adjust your browser settings to disable cookies. It’s not advised to disable cookies on all websites because doing so can make it difficult for you to utilise some of them. The best choice is to control cookie settings for each individual website. For advice on how to block cookies and other tracking technologies, refer to the documentation for your browser. This list of links for managing privacy settings in web browsers may also be helpful.

Special Note About Google Advertising

Cookies may be used to manage any adverts provided by Google, Inc. and connected businesses. Based on your visits to this site and some other websites that make use of Google’s advertising services, Google is able to display adverts thanks to these cookies. Find out how to reject Google’s use of cookies. As previously stated, Google’s privacy policies apply to any tracking it does via cookies and other tools.

Contact Information

For further information, send inquiries or concerns regarding this privacy statement to [email protected].