Are Toast And Miyoung Dating? Why Did She Get A Toast Plushie?


Are Toast And Miyoung Dating: Miyoung’s relationship with Disguised Toast is one of the most passionately contested topics in the gaming community. Have they been dating for a while? Do you know each other? Unfortunately, it seems that no one will ever figure this out. However, supporters claim they get along famously, at least in the water. Miyoung revealed Toast on a recent broadcast, piquing many listeners’ interest.

Are Toast And Miyoung Dating?

They are frequently featured on each other’s channels and have been seen engaging in adorable and hilarious antics. Miyoung has had to tell Toast to stop since his behavior makes her dog angry. She got back at him by sending him a Christmas package wrapped entirely in duct tape to show that the gift wasn’t worth Toast’s time and effort.

Even for a recent stream, Toast sent him something to wear that he couldn’t understand. Watching Toast figure out how to use the present Miyoung had sent him was hilarious. It has been speculated that they are dating even though both have previously said they are just friends.

She and Toast appear to have great chemistry in their broadcasts, which may be visible to the untrained eye. It’s possible that their on-screen chemistry isn’t mirrored by their off-screen friendship.

Why Did Miyoung Get A Toast Plushie?

When asked about moving in with fellow Twitch streamer Valkyrie, she said, “I did manage to bring one small toy.” She then aimed the plush Disguised Toast towards the camera. There was a waitlist, but I was able to get one. She squished the plushie in her hands, exclaiming with tired joy, “I got one!” “It’s the only stuffed animal I own.”

She continued, “I can never really talk back to him,” referencing the many times Toast had made her the target of his trollish schemes. Afterward, she admitted that she’d punch the plushie to calm down rather than yelling at bread when angry. Later in the conversation, she stated, “But don’t tell him that,” implying that Disguised Toast should be kept in the dark.

What Was The Reaction Of The Chat To Her Plushie?

Toast And Miyoung
Toast And Miyoung

The conversation started buzzing when people found out she possessed a plushie of Disguised Toast. Someone in the group chat typed “Evicted” to indicate that Valkyrie might kick her out of her home for what she said. While the rest of the group was laughing, Miyoung was intent on demonstrating her Plushie.

As soon as the Plushie was displayed, the conversation went off the rails, and a deluge of “TOAST POG” messages flooded the chatbox. They lamented that there was a shortage of Toast plushies and that everyone wanted one.

So are we to infer that Miyoung and Toast are an item? The answer is, “We will never know.” But one thing is sure: whether or not they are romantically linked, both streamers are experts at using rumors about each other to boost their popularity and careers.

Why Did Toast Leave Mayong?

On a recent stream, Miyoung tried out Luigi’s Mansion 3 on Nintendo Switch with her friend Disguised Toast. To show how much she loves the Italian plumber, she wore Luigi’s trademark green headgear and mustache while playing the game. On the other hand, the weird jokes of fellow streamer Disguised Toast flooded her feed.

When the evil creature tried to attack a game boss, it made a terrifying noise, and Luigi had to use a vacuum to capture it. Thanks to this gaming element, Disguised Toast could use a lot of s*xual innuendos, which caught Miyoung off guard. To combat the boss, Miyoung sucked the ghost out with the vacuum cleaner, which Toast took advantage of to harass her much more than he already was.

Disguised After a while, Toast grabbed control of the game from Miyoung and started making jokes, one of which was that ghost p***sy was g***sy. As in, “You good?” The g***sy is giving you trouble, right? So, the g**sy’s okay, right?

Miyoung got out of her chair and was about to leave Disguised Toast’s chamber when she decided to ignore his annoying jokes forever. As she tried to escape, Toast added insult to injury by asking if she wanted to play co-op with him later.


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