Who is Jasmine Nguyen’s Fiancé? Learn About Early Life!

Jasmine Nguyen is a manager of customer relations and a former American reality television star. The 28-year-work old’s on The Bachelor’s season 24 romance and dating program is what most people know her for. The reality star quickly ascended to prominence in her area, influencing people via her work and acquiring great recognition.

The reality personality is also widely known on her social media channels. Since her debut in the reality series The Bachelor’s season 24 love and dating show and most recently following her breakup from fiancé Pranav Magal, the 28-year-old has been in the spotlight.

Jasmine Nguyen Wiki: Age, Parents, Early Life

Jasmine was born on July 24, 1994, in Houston, Texas, and as of 2022, she will be 28 years old. Jasmine graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. The reality personality skipped a semester to take part in coding boot camps.

A single mother raised Jasmine and her only sibling. The reality star once highlighted how challenging it was for her mother to raise two children, saying that she had to take a semester off since her mother couldn’t afford to pay for their kids’ education. On the other hand, Jasmine’s mother and sister’s identity has remained a secret.

The 28-year-old is employed as a client connection manager after quitting The Bachelor. Before being fired from the show, the reality star appeared on season 24 of The Bachelor. The Bachelor” is a weekly program that airs on ABC-TV from 8 to 11 p.m. Jasmine is a fierce woman you shouldn’t mess with, but she’s also lovely, according to the show’s host Harrison.

Jasmine Nguyen Calls of Engagement

According to Jasmine Nguyen of The Bachelor, she and her lover Pranav Magal are no longer together. The reality star talked about their split in a video on Instagram. Jasmine’s comment section was inundated with supportive remarks as several followers spoke up to show their support for her.

Jasmine Nguyen Fiance
Jasmine Nguyen Fiance

Jasmine competed on season 24 of The Bachelor. The reality star found the love of her life outside despite not being selected. Jasmine stated that more than a month after announcing their engagement, she and Pranav were no longer together.

Pranav Magal and Jasmine Nguyen declared their engagement in December 2021. The 28-year-old looked lovely in the outfit she had chosen for her proposal. In December, Pranav asked Jasmine to marry him, and the reality star quickly announced the news on social media.

Fans worried that anything was wrong between Jasmine and Pranav when they noticed she had erased all of their images. After remaining silent for weeks, Jasmine finally discussed the romance on February 21. Jasmine sobbed as she announced her breakup in a video.

After explaining to her followers why she hasn’t been active recently on social media, the actress expressed her gratitude for all of the lovely DMs and comments. There is no simple way to say it, but their engagement has ended and they are no longer together, the reality star continued. The 28-year-old couldn’t wait for the following section.

Jasmine acknowledged her pain from her recent romantic experience but thanked her followers for their unwavering support and affection. The reality star closed the message by emphatically expressing that she would be OK. She also promised to keep her followers updated on her new experience.

Who is Jasmine Nguyen’s Fiancé/Partner

Pranav is a doctor with a focus on anesthesia. Regarding social media, Pranav is the complete opposite of Jasmine. The reality star seems to place a high emphasis on his privacy. They met Pranav when Jasmine started posting pictures of her followers on social media. The two started dating in 2019, and in 2021 he proposed to her with an exquisite engagement ring.

A chance encounter with the stunning reality TV star Jasmine Nguyen propelled Pranav, a native of Texas, to fame. Pranav is now the subject of highly scant information. The majority of his personal life is unknown. A single man who just got engaged is a real celebrity.

Jasmine Nguyen is Active on the Social Media Platform Instagram

Under the handle (@JasminNguyen), reality star Jasmine Nguyen is one of Instagram’s most well-known and well-liked figures. The actress has been updating her page since November 16, 2014, and as of this writing, has approximately 65.5k Instagram followers, 150 posts, and 962 followings. She has a verified account on her Instagram page.


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Jasmine frequently uses Instagram. The 28-year-old routinely uploads pictures of herself engaging in hobbies. The actress often publishes articles about both her personal and professional lives. The reality star quickly became well-known in her area, inspiring people with her work and acquiring a lot of fame. Her fan base has grown since she joined the 28-year-old cast of The Bachelor’s season 24 romance and dating program. People are getting increasingly curious about her history and line of work.

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