Who is Tim Pool Girlfriend? Know About Journalism Career!

Tim Pool, real name Timothy Daniel Pool, is a well-known YouTuber and political analyst best known for his program “TimCast.” Tim began his career in journalism by working for Vice Media and Fusion TV. In 2011, he gained notoriety for live-streaming the “Occupy Wall Street” Protest.

Tim Pool is unique among his fellow journalists because he just knows how to maintain the limelight. After receiving significant media coverage in 2011, he recognized he had to find ways to continue to be seen. After gaining significant experience working for Vice and Fusion TV, the 35-year-old journalist started working alone on YouTube and later established “TimCast.”

Many of his followers are curious about his personal life, namely his dating life, because he is well-known in his community. In 2021, does Tim Pool have a girlfriend? Let’s investigate.

Tim Pool Girlfriend in 2021: Is He Dating Someone?

Saying Tim Pool is a huge success, at least in what he does, wouldn’t be too inaccurate. Yet again, he lists far too many interests. Tim is listed as a skater, musician, and journalist in his profile. We’re not so sure about the latter two, but Pool is doing great work as a journalist and has a good fan base. That’s true, but how happy is he with his love life?

Tim Pool Wife
Tim Pool Wife

He does not appear to be exceptionally fortunate, at least not according to our findings. We can affirm that the 35-year-old is not married; as for his girlfriend, he appears to be single. Fans of Tim Pool, however, believe that he is dating a particular person. Violet Summers, a model and actress, and Tim have recently been linked. Although some evidence supports it, we are still unsure if Violet Summer is Tim Pool’s girlfriend.

Who is Tim Pool’s Alleged Girlfriend, Voilet Summers?

Let us reiterate that we are unsure if Violet Summers is Tim Pool’s girlfriend. However, based on the journalist’s recent behavior, it appears that Violet is interested in him and vice versa. Some people think Violet Summers is Tim Pool’s girlfriend. Image via Tim Pool on Instagram

In a recent Instagram post, Tim Pool praised his purported girlfriend for donning the “I Am A Gorilla” t-shirt. He wrote “The caption” on it. “Wow, @violets.tv is awesome. 10.6 million people have seen Violets wearing the I’m A Gorilla shirt. I appreciate it.” Violet made fun of him in response to his article by writing, “Actually just using you to get to Alex??”

All we can conclude for the time being is that even though they are not dating, they are at least making out. You know, there are countless possibilities. Since Violet Summers is the subject of this article, we would like to learn more about her.

The girlfriend of Tim Pool boasts an astounding 10 million followers on Instagram alone. She is a big success because even her backup account has more than a million followers. Additionally, she runs a YouTube account.

Tim Pool Career

Pool bought a one-way bus ticket to New York in response to a popular Occupy Wall Street film. On September 20, 2011, Pool joined the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Shortly after, he met Henry Ferry, a former realtor and sales manager, and the two of them founded a media outlet called The Other 99. Tim Pool also started using his phone to live-stream the demonstrations, swiftly assuming an on-camera position.

Tim Pool answered questions from fans in a live chat feed while covering Occupy Wall Street. Tim Pool also asked his audience to suggest locations for him to film. He altered software for live streaming into a system called DroneStream and adapted a toy remote-controlled Parrot AR drone for aerial surveillance.

In 2011, a story in The Guardian questioned whether Pool’s use of live streaming video and overhead drones during the Occupy Wall Street protests could be construed as unproductive monitoring. He was assaulted physically by a mask-wearing assailant in January 2012. The Other 99 split up in January 2012 due to a dispute between Pool and Ferry. For a documentary titled Documentary, Tim Pool also intended to live stream Occupy protests around the United States. However, the project was never completed.

Photographer Alexander Arbuckle, who had been detained by the NYPD, was cleared mainly thanks to a film shot during the protests by Tim Pool. Despite no charges being brought, the video proved that the arresting officer had lied while under oath. Pool and four other journalists were stopped while reporting the NoNATO protests at the 2012 Chicago summit by a dozen unmarked Chicago police cars. At the point of a gun, the group was taken out of the vehicle, interrogated, and held for ten minutes. The team’s automobile matched a description, which was the police’s explanation.

NBC and other major networks aired Pool’s footage concerning the Occupy movement. The Washington Post claims Pool “helped campaigners see the possibilities of live streaming as a substitute for relying on cable news coverage.” In March 2012, he was included in the Time 100 list of notable people for his contribution to the Occupy movement, along with David Graeber, who Time referred to as “the movement’s eyes.”

I don’t consider myself a journalist, Pool said On the Media in November 2011. “to support the revolution,” I “consider myself an activist 100%.” He admitted to El Pas in October 2012 that “I’m not an activist” and referred to himself as a journalist. Pool stated, “I don’t connect with Occupy Wall Street and never have,” in 2018. He called the Occupy movement “very twisted” in 2021.

Tim Pool Journalism and Commentary

The 2016 Milwaukee riots were covered by Pool. Pool announced that he would leave the area and stop covering these events because he believed it unsafe due to projected rising “racial tensions.”


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In February 2017, Tim Pool visited Sweden to look into “no-go zones” reports and issues with refugees there. Following remarks made by American President Donald Trump about crimes involving immigration in Sweden, he started a crowdfunding campaign to do so. Paul Joseph Watson, a writer for InfoWars, offered to cover any reporter’s airfare and lodging expenses “to stay in crime-ridden migrant suburbs of Malmö.” Watson contributed $2,000 to Pool’s vacation to Sweden crowdfund.

While in Sweden, Pool mainly refuted that Malmö and Stockholm immigrant areas were violent crime hotspots, claiming Chicago is significantly more damaging. However, Pool contended that due to supposed threats to his safety, he had to be taken by police out of Rinkeby, a suburb of Stockholm. Pool’s claims have been refuted by Swedish police, who said, “Our understanding is that he did not receive an escort.

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