Who Is Lauren Bostwick? When Did She Join CBS7 News?

Lauren Bostwick: Lauren Bostwick is a native Texan who spent her formative years in the hamlet of Aledo. Sports, science, and, of course, the weather have always piqued her curiosity. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Texas A&M University and then interned at KBTX in College Station before graduating.

She graduated from Texas A&M with a solid grasp of numerous meteorological skills, including radar analysis, identifying severe weather, and regional forecasting. While still in school, Lauren started in the media industry as a weekend meteorologist and multimedia journalist for CBS7 in Odessa, Texas.

Given the enormous scope of her coverage, she was accountable for providing forecasts throughout various terrain, from the Big Bend National Park to southeast New Mexico.

In her reporting career, she has covered natural disasters like tornadoes, floods, and the disastrous 2021 February blizzard. Lauren is overjoyed to have been recruited to work for WeatherNation. Introduce yourself to Lauren on social media!

What Inspired Lauren Bostwick To Become A Meteorologist?

I knew I wanted to be a meteorologist since my first year of college. I entered college intending to study business but soon realized that Atmospheric Science was where my true interests lay. Motivated, I switched gears and headed to one of the best undergraduate meteorology programs in the country at Texas A&M.

Since then, I’ve watched my curiosity develop into genuine enthusiasm, and that spirit has led directly to the establishment of my current line of professional work.

What Is Lauren Bostwick’s Most Memorable Weather Experience?

As a native Texan, I have always found it fascinating to see the progress of storms. In the year 2000, I had the most wonderful weather. A tornado ripped through Fort Worth, and I was there to see it. It was a mind-blowing revelation!

What Are Lauren Bostwick’s Hobbies And Interests?

Lauren Bostwick
Lauren Bostwick

My Corgi, Chip, and I enjoy going on long walks whenever we have free time. In addition, I adore going shopping, sightseeing, and to athletic events. Gig’em!

Who Has Influenced Lauren Bostwick The Most In Your Life?

Many adults in my life have served as role models and encouraged me to reach for excellence. I owe an outstanding debt to the many people in my life who have helped me grow and develop. Extremely humbling to have a group of people who believe in me and have contributed to my success

What Are Lauren Bostwick Hopes And Dreams For The Profession Of Weather?

For my part, I’d like to get more kids interested in meteorology as a career option. As an industry, I hope we can keep expanding and upgrading our equipment to become more precise, especially in extreme weather.

When Did Lauren Bostwick Join CBS7 News?

In May 2020, Bostwick became part of CBS7’s First Alert Weather team. Lauren’s early exposure to a tornado in a Fort Worth, Texas, parking garage in the year 2000 sparked an early interest in meteorology.

As her curiosity grew into passion, she decided to make it her career. As a native Texan in her eighth decade, Lauren considers herself fortunate to have found employment at KOSA in her home state.

Every day, she will most likely provide you with up-to-date and fascinating information about the weather in the Permian Basin. Lauren enjoys taking Chip, her dog, for walks and watching the famous West Texas sunsets in her spare time.

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