Who Is London Breed’s Husband? How Much Is His Net Worth?

The breed is a California-based American politician. She is the 45th mayor of San Francisco County and City. Breed formerly held the position of District 5 supervisor. From 2015 to 2018, she served as the Board of Supervisors president.

London was located in San Francisco’s Western Addition. After college, she worked in government. London was chosen in 2012 to serve on the Board of Supervisors. She was also selected as its president in 2015. After Mayor Ed Lee passed away, she took over as acting mayor of San Francisco as president of the Board. In this capacity, London worked from December 2017 until January 2018.

Who Is London Breed’s Husband?

Lawrence Lui is the spouse of London Breed. Lawrence is a hotel developer and the president of Stanford Hotels. He started construction on the Marriott SOMA Mission Bay Hotel in 2018. Hong Kong millionaire Che-woo Lui is Lui’s father.

Che-woo Lui, Lawrence’s father, is a business tycoon, philanthropist, and investor in Hong Kong. He is a billionaire with a net worth of more than $11 billion. Regarding Lawrence and London’s wedding, nothing is known. Additionally, her anniversary is unreachable. The pair have a child together but haven’t told the media about it yet.

London Breed Race & Ethnicity

London Breed is a woman of African descent. She has encountered some racism because she is biracial. She is San Francisco’s first African-American woman mayor. She is the second woman and the second African-American after Willie Brown to hold the office of mayor of San Francisco. In July 2018, she was elected mayor. San Francisco is where she was born.

London Breed Husband
London Breed Husband

Details To Know On London Breed Maskless Dancing Video

Recently, a video of Mayor London Breed dancing without a mask and eluding the COVID-19 routine went viral. She was photographed without a cover while dancing in the busy club. The internet community ridiculed and slammed her.

She refused to apologize for her actions and is standing by her careless deed. San Francisco’s Black Cat club is where she was apprehended. Not just London but other individuals were dancing with her the entire time, and none were wearing masks.

She received criticism for her performance as her dance video spread like wildfire via the media. She said that the masking protocol is not necessary if you are immunized. Thankfully, she had had her vaccinations, and about 73% of San Francisco’s population has. Fortunately, given that San Francisco is a huge city, the COVID cases there are currently few and haven’t caused any issues for her.

Lawrence Lui: London Breed Husband Age

Lawrence Lui appears to be between 50 and 60 in photos taken as recently as 2019. His precise age has not yet been made public. On the internet, there is little to no information regarding this birthdate.

Even on his resume, Lui makes no mention of his age. It is even more difficult to determine his age because he has no social media accounts. In 1985, he founded Stanford Hotel Group. He must have spent a lot of time working in the hotel business.

Lawrence Lui Family

Lawrence Lui is from a wealthy family. Chinese billionaire Lui Chee Woo is his father. Woo is Galaxy Entertainment Group’s chairman and owner. According to reports, Lawrence’s father is Asia’s, second-richest man. Additionally, K Wah International, a company that provides hospitality services, was founded by Lui Chee. Lawrence has two brothers and one sister, to be specific.

Moving on to Lawrence’s personal life, it is known that he is wed to London Breed, who serves as San Francisco’s mayor. She is the nation’s 45th mayor. Not to mention, London is the second woman and first black woman to be elected San Francisco mayor. Her term in office began on July 11th, 2018, and will finish in 2024.

There is no information available on the couple’s wedding day. How long they have been bound to this bond is unknown to us. In a similar vein, we have no information on their offspring. They haven’t provided any details on the kids. We are pleased to learn that, unlike her husband, London is active on social media. However, nothing in her account suggests that the pair is a parent.

What Is Lawrence Lui’s Net Worth?

The majority of Lawrence’s duties are in the business division. His wealth has not yet been made public. He has never brought up his wealth. But we have data on his wife London’s estimated net worth of $400,000, which we have gathered. Her yearly compensation is about $335,000.


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But given that Lawrence is the President of Stanford Hotel Group, we might conclude that he has substantial assets and buildings. Millions must be invested in it. The estimated net worth of Lawrence’s father is $13 billion. Lawrence must have inherited a portion of the wealth, then.

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