How Did Laena Velaryon Die In The Fire & Blood Novel? Why Did She Choose To Burn Herself?

The terrifying Laena Velaryon decided to end her life on her terms. There was a lot of commotion in House of the Dragon episode 6. While suffering Harwin Strong’s passing, we understood Larys Strong’s actual nature. However, Laena Velaryon’s battle in the previous episode, which forces her to choose suicide, is an incident that nobody will ever forget.

Every spectator asks a fundamental inquiry after seeing the tragedy Laena Velaryon experiences: “How Did Laena Velaryon Die?” Even if she was already dead, why did she let her dragon burn her? Does she also suffer the same destiny in the books?

How Did Laena Velaryon Die In The Fire & Blood Novel?

Laena is in a similar situation in the Fire & Blood novel as she is in House of the Dragon Episode 6: heavily pregnant with her third child after having already given birth to twins, all with Daemon. However, this is where things diverge.

According to Fire & Blood, Laena toiled through a day and night of labor only to give birth to a deformed child who passed away an hour after being born. After the death of her third child, Laena had lost all of her strength and was now suffering from severe sadness. She developed a childbed fever and passed away three days later.

How Did Laena Velaryon Die
How Did Laena Velaryon Die

She reportedly made one more attempt to mount Vhagar before collapsing on the stairs of the Driftmark tower. Daemon discovered her there and brought her back to her bed, where he and Rhaenyra (who was considerably closer to Laena in the book) sat over her when she passed away.

How Did House of The Dragon Change Due To Laena’s Passing?

Anyone who watched “The Princess and the Queen” knows House of the Dragon handled Laena’s demise in a much less tasteful manner. Giving Daemon the same option as his brother was a thoughtful addition, and giving Laena the freedom to tell Vhagar to burn her alive gave the character much more agency in her dying moments.

And it also gives Vhagar the dragon a rather good character moment in her last moments; it takes the dragon a few cries of “dracarys” from Laena’s weak, anguished voice before the dragon performs what it needs to do. A close relationship between the woman and the fire-breather resulted in the latter, mercifully, assisting the former.

“Laena is a valkyrie. She is a dragon rider. We first encountered that young child in Episode 2, and a few years later, she claimed ownership of the largest dragon in the entire known universe. She didn’t seem to want to go as the history book advised, “Condal remarked in a Variety interview. “We wanted to give her a memorable exit that felt energetic and true to who she was. Even though we only spend a minimal amount of time with Nanna Blondell‘s portrayal of her, it tells you a lot about who Laena is and was in that instant.”

Why Did Laena Velaryon Choose To Burn Herself?

How Did Laena Velaryon Die
How Did Laena Velaryon Die

There appear to be two factors in why she made such a horrible choice for herself. Laena has, first and foremost, been in excruciating pain due to pregnancy issues. She so believed that being instantly burned alive would be a swift death that would relieve her of her agony.

Second, she tells Daemon in the same episode that she would prefer to die a dragon rider’s death. She could not accept giving birth while still alive, and the least she could do to exact a dragon rider’s death was to be burned by Vhagar’s fire.

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