Is Michael Consuelos Gay? Does He Currently Have A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend?

Fans of Riverdale can verify that Michael Joseph Consuelos is gifted and beautiful. His similarity to Hiram Lodge was startling when he appeared on the show in 2018 as a younger Hiram Lodge. The actor is the eldest son of Mark Consuelos and his wife, Kelly Ripa, as fans later learned, demonstrating that ability runs in the family.

The 22-year-old enjoys a largely quiet existence, despite appearing in a few of his parents’ Instagram photos. Regarding personal issues, he is not particularly outspoken and is not on social media. Regarding the young star’s sexual life, however, admirers are still searching for answers. Does he currently have a romantic partner? Possibly a girlfriend, Or, as many of his admirers suspect, is he gay? Here’s what we do know.

Does Michael Consuelos Currently Have A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend?

It seems that Mark Consuelos’ identical twin is now a free man. Even though his mother frequently speaks about him, she has never brought up his current or past relationships. He is not openly seeing anyone.

Is Michael Consuelos Gay
Is Michael Consuelos Gay

But we know that he has left his parent’s house and is now living alone in Brooklyn. Kelly told N.Y. Jimmy Kimmel, “I believe he enjoys the freedom. He’s always been impoverished and despises having to pay his rent. He may not have ever truly known abject poverty till now.”

Kelly explained on Instagram that “Michael goes to college and is a senior and works full time” after receiving criticism for how she had first phrased the remark. She also added: “Neither @instasuelos nor I had an affluent upbringing. Our children are expected to work as hard as we do.”

Michael seemed too preoccupied with his academics and work even to consider dating. Has he ever revealed his sexual orientation, though?

Is Michael Consuelos Gay?

Because Michael is single and his mother received recognition for her open support of the LGBTQ community, some admirers believe he is gay. The actor hasn’t revealed or made any declarations regarding his sexuality as of 2020. It seems like he wants to keep it that way for some time.

Will Michael Consuelos Be Making A Comeback To “Riverdale”?

Is Michael Consuelos Gay
Is Michael Consuelos Gay

Acting wasn’t always a great passion, he admitted when he appeared on his mother’s show, Live with Kelly and Ryan. Only after landing his role on Riverdale did he realize how much he liked it. Michael revealed that he had to go through an audition process to play the younger version of his father in “The Midnight Club” from Season 3.

He said, “Recently, I’ve come to like it. I found Riverdale to be a very energizing experience. Everybody was pretty chill. It was a fantastic experience. It’s impossible to predict whether he’ll show up again for a flashback episode, but it’s possible. Hopefully, he makes a comeback!

How Much Money Does Michael Consuelos Have?

Michael Consuelos, an American actor, has a net worth of around $2 million as of 2018, claims Although he appeared on other channels, “Riverdale” is where his fame began. One instance is Michael’s frequent appearances on his mother’s pro-LGBT program, “Live with Kelly.”

Another of his accomplishments is the exhibition “Duck Dodgers.” Michael made his professional acting debut in the 2012 motion picture The Bensonhurst Spelling Bee. He assumed the lead role in the American family comedy The Goldbergs precisely one year later (2013).

As of August 2018, he frequently appeared on his mother’s talk show “Live with Kelly” and has a recurring role as the teen version of his dad’s character on the CW series “Riverdale.” Please send this to your friends if you find it interesting.

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