What Happened To Jess On In The Dark? Who Is Jess Damon?

Jess In The Dark: In the Dark is an American crime drama television series that premiered on The CW in the middle of the 2018–19 television season. It was created by Corinne Kingsbury. What Took Place To Jess On In The Dark will be explained in this essay. Please read this article to the conclusion if you want to find out What Happened To Jess On In The Dark.

Who Is Jess Damon?

Jess Damon is one of the main characters of In the Dark. She lives with Murphy Mason and is a close friend of his. She is a veterinarian at Guiding Hope and frequently gives Murphy unauthorized help. She was a friend from Murphy’s youth. She works alongside Felix at the company Murphy’s parents established.

Jess In The Dark
Jess In The Dark

She has two sexes. In the first season, she dated a lady named Vanessa; in the second, Sterling, a Nia employee, is spotted with her. Jessica Damon kills Nia Bailey to protect Murphy, her closest friend.

What Happened To Jess On In The Dark?

In the Dark’s climax shows, Jess wants to stay “dead.” She had long since concluded that the only way she could avoid becoming wanted by the police was to fake her death. As a result, she faked her death, found employment at a pet shop, and was relieved to see Murphy get on with her life.

In The Dark TV Series

American crime drama In the Dark made its premiere in the middle of the 2018–19 television season on The CW. The author of it is Corinne Kingsbury. On January 30, 2018, The CW ordered a pilot of the program, and Michael Showalter was chosen as the director. In May 2018, the show received a series order.

The program premiered on April 4, 2019. The program was renewed for a second season in April 2019, and the new season will premiere on April 16, 2020. The show’s third season, which The CW renewed in January 2020, will premiere on June 23, 2021.

The program’s fourth season was renewed in February 2021 and premiered on June 6, 2022. Its final season, which will begin in May 2022, will be the fourth.

Does Jess Die During In The Dark Season 3?

The events of Season 3 of In the Dark do not result in Jess Damon’s death. At the beginning of season 3, when viewers first see Jess being knocked out and taken away, they are worried for her safety. In episode 6 of season 3, Jess was found alive and fleeing, and the future season will continue her horrible ordeal.

Is The CW Show Renewed For Season 4?

Yes, “In the Dark” has officially been renewed by The CW for a fourth season. The CW made news of the renewal far before In the Dark’s third season premiere.

Mark Pedowitz, the network’s chairman and CEO, said early renewals enable the creative team to start planning the next story arcs. Pedowitz stated that it makes it possible for The CW to prepare a robust content calendar far in advance.


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The second season of In the Dark saw a rating drop of 45% from the first season, with 424,000 viewers tuning in. The first six episodes of Season 3 had positive and negative ratings, and the remaining episodes are expected to do the same.

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