What Is A Golden Retriever Boyfriend? When Does A Guy Become A Golden Retriever Boyfriend?

There are two different categories of males you can date. First, the complacent, time-wasting individuals take hours to text you back and believe a date consists of Netflix and chill. Then there is the gentleman. However, a “pleasant person” usually sounds like an insult. Though they are pleasant, affectionate, and eager to take you on proper dates, we always choose the conceited time wasters. Now, though, females on TikTok are redefining good guys as “golden retriever boyfriends,” and I’ve never desired one more.

On TikTok, the hashtag #goldenretrieverboyfriend has over 4 million views and is filled with girls showcasing their exemplary golden retriever partners. Typically, these are gamer boys who, when not playing video games, are full of affection and virtually follow their lady about like a lost dog. Except they are not lost; they love the company of their girlfriends.

Usually, comparing men to dogs would be an insult, but in this case, it’s a compliment. Golden retrievers are the most popular dog breed worldwide. Does anyone detest golden retrievers? No, since they are loving and joyful energy balls, just like your problem-free partner.

When Does A Guy Become A Golden Retriever Boyfriend?

According to Urban Dictionary, a golden retriever boyfriend is “a significant other who makes it relatively easy to maintain a joyful and fulfilling relationship.” “Therefore, it is comparable to owning a golden retriever for the same reason.”

These lovers make your life easier and happier and take minimal care. They will do pleasant things for you, such as prepare your breakfast, send you sweet messages, and be a helpful presence in your life. They are wacky and humorous and never cause any conflict.

Additionally, they are similar to golden retrievers because they have few needs. They want to feel that they are adored and to be showered with affection. And at times, they genuinely resemble dogs. A TikToker compared her lover to a golden retriever because he enjoys gathering sticks, investigating everything, experiencing spontaneous bursts of energy, and sleeping wherever.

What Is The Relation Between Bi Women?

Bi women claiming to be particularly attracted to golden retriever guys is a prevalent stereotype on TikTok. Frequently, they create TikToks in which they joke that they despise the cliche and then reveal their golden retriever boyfriend.

Look no further than icon Phoebe Bridgers and her boyfriend Paul Mescal, who is being compared to the bi girlfriend and golden retriever boyfriend, to put this stereotype into perspective.

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