Kritika Khurana Divorce: Why Did She Announce Separation From Her Husband?

Kritika Khurana Divorce: Thatbohogirl, aka Kritika Khurana, has amassed 1.7 million Instagram followers. In April 2022, Khurana tied the knot with her longtime beau, Aditya Chhabra. The rumors that social media influencer Kritika Khurana, also known as “that boho chick,” had separated from her spouse were confirmed by Khurana herself.

As reports circulated that the couple was having marital problems, Khurana resorted to Instagram to set the record straight. Aditya Chhabra has removed all Facebook entries mentioning Kritika Khurana from his profile. His wedding photos and other teases gave his followers a hint about what was going on. Here’s a look at Kritika Khurana Divorce.

Kritika Khurana Separates From Husband

I know a lot of you already know, but I wanted you to hear from me since you’ve been such a significant part of my journey for 8 years,” Kritika Khurana wrote on Instagram on October 12. I’ve decided to end my marriage, which has been more difficult than anything else I’ve ever faced.

The couple had been married for only six months when she declared their split from her husband, Aditya Chhabra. She allegedly wrote, “To be honest, life has been unfair to me recently,” when discussing the problems in her marriage. For the first several months, I ignored and sacrificed my happiness out of fear of what others would think.

As far as Khurana was concerned, two months into the marriage was plenty. She thanked her followers for their understanding during this challenging time and begged them to accept her want to keep the matter confidential while it was still delicate.

At the end of her piece, she revealed that despite her cynicism, she is still a romantic. She stated it was a trying time for her and her loved ones and that she was ready to put it behind her.

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