Audi Commercial Actress
Audi Commercial Actress

Who Is The Actress In The Audi Commercial? What Is Her Net Worth?

Audi Commercial Actress: The marketing campaigns for Audi include young actors. The German automaker Audi unveiled the newest RS e-Tron GT and the new commercial. It’s an excellent electric vehicle that is fun to drive and has a gorgeous interior.

The public is interested in learning more about the singer in the Audi commercial, including her origins. Continue reading to find out Who the singer is in The Audi Commercial and all the information you want.

Audi Commercial/ Advertising

When it first aired, the Audi commercial with the slogan “Progress isn’t either – Or” gained much attention. It was an advertisement for the brand-new, electric Audi RS e-Tron GT, which has a dreamy ride.

It includes a four-wheel drive system and two electric motors—one in the front and one in the back. Given that the batteries weigh 2.3 tonnes, it has a torque output of 830 newton meters and 646 horsepower. The actress in it garnered a lot of attention in addition to the car. To find out more about her, scroll down!

Who Is the Actress in the Audi Commercial?

Janelle Monáe Robinson, better known by her stage name Janelle Monáe, is the vocalist in the commercial. She is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, and model. She was born on December 1st, 1985, in Kansas City.

Audi Commercial Actress
Audi Commercial Actress

At the forefront of modern soul, funk, and r&b, Janelle Monáe is one of her generation’s most beautiful and accomplished performers. She moved to New York after graduating high school to pursue a career in musical comedy. She is originally from Kansas City.

Who Is Janelle Monáe?

American singer, songwriter, rapper, author, and actor Janelle Monáe was born in Kansas City, Kansas, on December 1, 1985 (she will be 36 years old in 2022). She had eight Grammy Award nominations and is a skilled vocalist, but she is best known for playing Jacqueline Calico in the second season of Homecoming (2020). The black woman in the Audi ad promoting the 2021 Audi RS e-Tron GT is Janelle Monáe.

What Is Janelle Monáe’s Net Worth?

American R&B and soul singer, songwriter, producer, and actor Janelle Monáe has a 12 million net worth. In 2003, Monáe released her debut independent album, “The Audition,” Three years later, she landed a deal with Bad Boy Records.

Janelle received a Grammy nomination for her 2007 EP “Metropolis Suite I: The Chase.” The studio albums “The ArchAndroid” (2010), “The Electric Lady” (2013), and “Dirty Computer” were subsequently released by Monáe (2018).

In addition to lending her voice to “Rio 2” (2014), “UglyDolls” (2019), and “Lady and the Tramp,” Janelle has acted in the movies “Moonlight” (2016), “Hidden Figures” (2016), “Welcome to Marwen” (2018), “Harriet” (2019), “The Glorias” (2020), and “Antebellum” (2020) as an actress (2019).

She joined the “Homecoming” cast of the Prime Video series in 2020. Please forward this to your friends if you find it interesting. is the best place to find the latest and updated information about your favorite celebs.

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