Who Is Alisha Wainwright’s Husband? When Did She Start Her Career?

Famous female celebrity Alisha Wainwright has been in several well-known movies. She is an American actress best known for her roles in Shadowhunters and Raising Dion (2019). Alisha Wainwright is one of the stunning actresses currently working in the entertainment world. The husband of Alisha Wainwright and other details about her life will be the main topics of this essay.

Who Is Alisha Wainwright?

Alisha Wainwright is known as Alisha Ena Wainwright to clear up any confusion. On July 14, she turns a year older. She is an actor. Her year of birth is 1989. The year 2022 finds Alisha Wainwright at the age of 33. She was conceived in Orlando, Florida, in the US.


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Despite being a well-known figure, Alisha Wainwright’s family is unknown. Although their identities are unknown, her mother is Jamaican, and her father is Haitian. She has acted in several movies. In 2012, she participated in an online comedy sketch posted on the Smosh YouTube channel.

Alisha Wainwright has appeared in several films and television shows, such as Criminal Minds and Lethal Weapon. In September 2016, she appeared as the werewolf Maia Roberts in the fantasy series Shadowhunters on Freeform. It was revealed that the movie was based on Cassandra Clare’s novel series, The Mortal Instruments.

After appearing as a recurring character in season 2, Alisha Wainwright was elevated to series regular for the upcoming third season of the program. The Netflix series Raising Dion features her as the lead right now. A superhero drama from the United States called Raising Dion debuted on Netflix. It is based on the comic book and short film by Dennis Liu of the same name from 2015.

One of the primary characters in Raising Dion is Alisha Wainwright. She portrayed Nicole Warren, a widowed mother who, following the passing of her husband, is parenting her kid by herself and attempting to control his magical skills.

Who Is Alisha Wainwright’s Husband?

She is not married, Alisha Wainwright. Since she has never been wed, she is single. According to rumors, she was dating Justin Timberlake, which kept her in the news for a while. American singer, songwriter, producer of records, and actor Justin Timberlake also perform these roles. With more than 88 million recordings sold worldwide, he is regarded as one of the most successful musicians.

Justin Timberlake was associated with Alisha Wainwright even though he is married to Jessica Biel, an actress. After the two were photographed together, relationship rumors about Justin and Alisha began to circulate. After both of them received roles in Palmer, a play performed in New Orleans, Justin and Alisha were spotted together. While shooting the movie, they grew closer to one another.

Following a break from filming, the two were later seen in a pub in New Orleans. They were seen spending time together at about midnight. The internet was flooded with pictures of Alisha and Justin, which generated a lot of debate and discussion. Justin’s knees were positioned in Alisha’s palms in the image.

Alisha Wainwright Husband
Alisha Wainwright Husband

It was rumored that the Palmer co-stars were getting close. Justin’s absence from the wedding band was noted. The group representing Alisha Wainwright released a statement refuting the rumors. Additionally, Justin Timberlake apologized to his wife in an Instagram post and addressed the public. The matter between him and Alisha Wainwright has been resolved, he said.

When Did Alisha Wainwright Start Her Career?

After participating in a web comedy sketch on the Smosh YouTube channel in 2012, Wainwright made appearances in several movies and TV shows, such as Criminal Minds and Lethal Weapon. She was cast as the werewolf Maia Roberts in the fantasy drama Shadowhunters on Freeform, based on Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments book series, in September 2016. She began the show’s third season as a recurring character before being elevated to series regular. In the Netflix series Raising Dion, Wainwright now plays the lead role.

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