Carole Baskin Husband
Carole Baskin Husband

Carole Baskin Husband: How Many Husbands Did She Have?

Carole Baskin Husband: The story of Netflix’s Tiger King, or its tail, heavily featured the spouses of Carole Baskin. The real-life enormous cat enthusiast and third husband Howard Baskin is getting the dramatization treatment in Peacock’s new limited series Joe vs.

Carole premiered almost two years after the docuseries phenomenon debuted and chronicled Baskin’s bizarre feud with Oklahoma zoo operator Joe Exotic (premiering Thursday, March 3, 2022).

John Cameron Mitchell from Hedwig and the Angry Inch will play Joe Exotic, and Kate McKinnon from Saturday Night Live and Kyle MacLachlan from Twin Peaks will play the Baskins. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Carole Baskin Husband and more.

How Many Husbands Did Carole Baskin Have?

In that order, Michael Murdock, Don Lewis, and Howard Baskin were Carole Baskin’s first three husbands.

Who Was Carole Baskin’s First Husband, Michael Murdock?

In the third Tiger King season one episode, Baskin claims that she wed Murdock when she was just 17 years old. Rowan Chapman portrays Murdock in Joe vs. Carole. Although it would be four years before she married Lewis, she claimed she met Lewis when she left the house one night following a fight with Murdock and labeled him “very aggressive.”

Carole Baskin Husband
Carole Baskin Husband Carole Baskin Husband

According to reports, the new series will portray the scenario with McKinnon’s Carole throwing a potato at Murdock and leaving the house barefoot before Lewis (played by David Wenham) arrives. Jamie Veronica Murdock, a daughter of Murdock and Baskin (played by Marlo Kelly in Joe vs. Carole).

Who Was Carole Baskin’s Husband, Don Lewis?

Lewis, a multimillionaire, vanished in 1997 when he was 60. After Tiger King Season 1, the cold case was revisited, which led to rumors about his disappearance.

Cpl. Moises Garcia of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Tampa held a press conference after the premiere of the second season of The Tiger King to present updates on the case.

He claimed that Kenny Farr, a former handyman at Baskin’s large animal sanctuary, “didn’t interview with us” and that Baskin had turned down three requests from police to be interviewed. Carole Baskin Husband

Is Carole Baskin’s Husband, Don Lewis, Alive?

Technically, no, I guess? In 2002, Lewis was ruled legally dead five years after going missing, but no concrete proof of his death or murder has surfaced. Following Tiger King’s popularity, the Florida Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office received numerous leads and tips, but none were taken seriously. Carole Baskin Husband

Did Carole Baskin Kill Her Husband, Don Lewis?

Although Tiger King makes a compelling case for Baskin being responsible for Lewis’ disappearance or murder, not all people who have looked into the matter agree.

Sheriff of Hillsborough County Chad Chronister said he has never discovered “any form of evidence, not one piece, that implies that [Lewis] was slain.” Chronister also indicated that someone who worked at Lewis’ animal refuge might be responsible for his disappearance.

Who Is Carole Baskin’s Third Husband, Howard Baskin?

According to a post on the Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary website, Howard and Carole Baskin allegedly met in 2002 during a celebration for a nearby spay and neuter program. According to the article, Howie earned Carole’s love right away since he had been to WildLife on Easy Street and recognized us when it appeared that no one in the neighborhood had ever heard of us. Carole Baskin Husband

On November 1, 2004, the two animal rights activists married on the sand. They now co-direct the Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary in Tampa, Florida. Carole has pursued chances in the wake of Tiger King, including auditioning for Dancing With the Stars in 2020 and establishing her cryptocurrency, named what else? $CAT, in May 2021.

Baskin admitted to The Sun in September 2020 that he found it “tough” to be apart from his wife while she was taking part in Dancing With the Stars that year. Carole Baskin Husband

In the previous 17 years, “we have never been apart for more than two days at a period, so this is very, very unusual and, to put it mildly, unpleasant for us personally,” he said. “I think it is easier for me to be alone than she,” he said, “because I was single and lived alone until I was 52 when we met, and I am still in the usual settings.”

Does Carole Baskin Have Kids?

From her first marriage, Carole Baskin has a daughter named Jamie Veronica Murdock. Jamie, 40, works alongside her mother at the Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary. According to the organization’s website, she has almost ten years of experience leading the rescue as president, board member, and volunteer committee leader. Carole Baskin Husband

Additionally, she has a business called Dancing Butterfly Arts on Etsy. She stated in a posting on the website, “I enjoy exploring my creativity and expressing it into fun and quirky works of art, including original acrylic paintings, Paw-Casso paw print art, woodcrafts, and up-cycled mixed media projects. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.

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