Is Nicole Curtis Married? Does Her Daughter Have Cancer?

Is Nicole Curtis Married: Nicole Curtis juggled odd jobs, home renovations, and interior design projects before landing Rehab Addict on HGTV. She was also taking care of her first son, Ethan, and dealing in antique furniture on Craigslist.

Around 2015, Nicole started hosting programs like Beach Flip, Rehab Addict: Detroit, and most recently, Rehab Addict Rescue, and things began to pick up. Her professional accomplishments are well known, but what about her personal life? Likewise, now we can see people searching for Is Nicole Curtis Married?

What’s Nicole Curtis’ Relationship Status? Has She Ever Been Married?

“I ran a cleaning company. Mrs. Cleaning Company was its name. Mrs. Clean sounded better than Ms. Clean, but it wasn’t because I was a missus—I never was, never am, and I don’t know what the future holds. “Nicole previously spoke at TEDxDetroit on the early stages of her business. Nicole hasn’t been married, but some of her previous relationships have made headlines.

Steven Cimini, Nicole’s undergraduate love, and Nicole are parents to an older boy named Ethan. Shane Maguire, a businessman, and she had a kid together. According to several sources, there isn’t enough data online to verify reports that she once had a husband named Steve Lane. Is Nicole Curtis Married

Is Nicole Curtis Married
Is Nicole Curtis Married? Is Nicole Curtis Married

Nicole has always placed a high value on motherhood. Her love partners, however, didn’t really like this. Rumor has it that Cimini was jailed for DUI manslaughter in November 2016. It is believed that he had also been paying child support late for many years. According to People, by 2017, he allegedly owed Nicole $14,685.54.

Nicole And Her Ex-Boyfriend Shane Had A Vicious Custody Battle Over Their Only Kid, Harper.

According to rumors, Shane and Nicole once had a sporadic connection. They are said to have split up at the same time Harper was born. Nicole probably intended to carry the child by herself and raise the child in the same manner that she did Ethan, but Shane had other plans. According to The Detroit News, he conducted a paternity test before requesting joint custody in 2015.

Shane was given extended summer visitation time in addition to shared custody and parenting time on alternate weekends and parenting time. Nicole allegedly tried to change the initial arrangement in the hopes that the judge would reconsider and give Shane overnight custody only once Harper turned two.

Nicole was a staunch supporter of breastfeeding Harper for an extended period. The custody dispute was centered on this issue since Nicole claimed she could not pump enough breastmilk to keep Harper alive for an overnight visit to his father. Is Nicole Curtis Married

According to People, Shane requested sole custody in July 2018 and claimed Nicole was “not a fit” mother. Is Nicole Curtis Married

In October 2018, Nicole and Shane came to a custody arrangement. They will still share joint custody of the child and are expected to take turns bearing the burden of duty and making decisions. Is Nicole Curtis Married

In a July 2019 Instagram story, Nicole introduced her boyfriend, Ryan Sawtelle, to her followers. It’s unclear if they are still dating as she hasn’t recently shared anything about him. On HGTV, Rehab Addict Lake House Rescue debuts on July 13 at 8 p.m. EST.

Nicole Curtis’s Daughter Does Have Cancer?

Nicole Curtis is the mother of two sons but doesn’t have a daughter. She is, however, frequently questioned about Tessa Prothero, a woman. Tessa was not Nicole Curtis but the daughter of one of her longtime associates and close friends.

Sadly, following an episode when she and her family were highlighted, she passed away from cancer. Bobby and Karin Prothero conceived Tessa Prothero. Is Nicole Curtis Married


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Additionally, Nicole, who is close to her parents, especially her father and on-screen GC Bobby, supported Tessa’s story for Rehab Addict. According to reports, Tessa had neuroblastoma, a malignant development of developing nerve cells that can be found throughout the body. Please forward this to your friends if you find it interesting. is the best place to find the latest and updated information about your favorite celebs.

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