Are Gretchen And Slade Married
Are Gretchen And Slade Married

Are Gretchen And Slade Married? Where Are They Now?

Are Gretchen And Slade Married: On The Real Housewives of Orange County, Gretchen Rossi says she doesn’t understand the rationale for a lavish wedding budget. She has no intention of ending her life with anybody other than Slade Smalley, and she doesn’t see how a legal document could change that.

She recently mentioned the breakup of couples who had been together for years and got married. Rossi added that many famous pairs had been together for many happy years without ever being married, citing Orpah Winfrey and Stedman Graham as examples. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Are Gretchen And Slade Married and more.

Are Gretchen And Slade Still Together?

Indeed, the two have remained together and celebrated many milestones in their lives together. They are not married but seem happier than ever on social media. Rossi asked Smiley to marry him in 2013, and she accepted. Rossi told People in 2018 that she isn’t worried about getting married.

Gretchen And Slade Celebrated 11 Years Together

In celebration of their 11th wedding anniversary, the Orange County couple featured on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, 41, took to Instagram this week to share sweet photos and videos of themselves with their newborn daughter, Skylar Gray. Are Gretchen And Slade Married

Are Gretchen And Slade Married
Are Gretchen And Slade Married? Are Gretchen And Slade Married

As Rossi began her tribute, she declared, “You are the best part of me.” Yesterday, Slade and I marked the 11th anniversary of our relationship. Our love for one another is as fresh as it was yesterday.

According to Rossi, “God gave me one of the nicest presents when he gifted me with this relationship and now our baby girl together.” Rossi, 30, and Smiley, 46, have been together for a long time and have been through a lot together, but their love has only grown stronger. Are Gretchen And Slade Married

Gretchen And Slade Still Haven’t Married Yet

Currently, there are “no wedding updates,” as the ex-Real Housewives of Orange County cast member put it. Despite wearing wedding bands, Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley still haven’t tied the knot. She told Us Weekly, “We got incredibly preoccupied trying to have a baby, and going through IVF for that many years is a costly process.”

It’s weird because I’ve always wanted to marry Slate. I call him ‘husband.’ ‘I wear a ring like he’s my husband,’ Rossi proclaimed. It looks like he’s wearing a ring. As far as I’m concerned, we’re already married. Only we lack some sort of official paperwork to back up our claims.

Gretchen And Slade Were Focusing On IVF

Gretchen insisted that Slade pay off his debts before they could get married, as she was the one who always pulled her weight financially. Slade has not yet resolved his money issues.

It seems Gretchen is not going to budge from her position. They’ve been together for 11 years, are engaged, and welcomed their daughter Skylar in July 2019; however, they have yet to be married.

Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Stars: Where Are They Now?

Following four seasons on RHOC, Gretchen quit the show in 2013 before Season 9. Her focus has shifted to motherhood, even though she made a brief appearance in Season 12. The designer of handbags has been open about her IVF experience with her fiance Slade Smiley. Are Gretchen And Slade Married

In December 2018, Gretchen and Slade announced they were expecting their first child together. In July, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Skylar. The former reality star announced in April 2021 that she wants to put off implanting her last embryo for a long despite her wish to have additional children.

Gretchen Rossi Says Never Say Never On Getting Married

It’s not that she wants to get married, but there is one reason she might. Then, if my daughter ever says to me, “Mom, Dad, I want you married,” I’ll have to reconsider. We have to do it, so I’ll probably say, “OK.” Do you get what I’m saying? The former member of RHOC remarked.

Rossi’s desire to have a lavish wedding is one of the many things holding her back. However, weddings with many guests tend to be very expensive. But here’s the thing, David, you already know this about me from [RHOC]. To paraphrase, “When I do something, I like to do it big and extravagantly. Are Gretchen And Slade Married

The high cost of IVF was a significant factor in our decision to put this on hold. We focused all of our efforts there. That’s why I’d aim for the big thing. Furthermore, I’m unsure if I have the mental fortitude to organize the entire thing. Her baby shower, in my opinion, was akin to a small wedding for the two of us. Are Gretchen And Slade Married

Yes, it would be wonderful if I had a money tree in the backyard and all I had to do was hold a party. Again, though, I’d want to take it to a level that would be ridiculously expensive. I just don’t want to spend that much on it,” Rossi stated. Do you like to learn more about celebrities? Visit our website,, for the most recent news.

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