Renee Portnoy
Renee Portnoy

Renee Portnoy: How Their Marriage Fell Apart? How Rich Is She?

Renee Portnoy: American-born equestrian Renee Satterthwaite is currently well-known on social media. Additionally, she was Dave Portnoy’s ex-wife. Dave Portnoy is a famous American blogger and the creator of the sports and pop culture site Barstool Sports. Smart Park Equine currently employs Renee Portnoy as the director of merchandising.

She is primarily known to Barstool Sports readers as the ex-wife of the site’s creator, David Portnoy. Renee assisted David in growing his worldwide business online, even though the two have been apart for a while. Fans frequently refer to her as the “First Lady of Barstool Nation.”

What happened to the union that Renee Portnoy and her ex-husband David were forced to end? Where is she right now? What’s she doing? We have a ton of inquiries about Satterthwaite. We do have everything you require. Everything will be revealed here, from Renee’s early years to her subsequent marriage.

Who Is Renee Satterthwaite?

Businesswoman Renee Satterthwaite is sometimes eclipsed by her ex-husband David Portnoy. Why wouldn’t he? He is a well-known American businessman and the site’s content producer. Not to add that Renee was the one who assisted him in growing his company in a foreign market.

How Old Is Renee Satterthwaite?

The knowledgeable horse expert and astute entrepreneur Renee Satterthwaite were both born in 1987. Age 35 describes her. Additionally, she was born on May 5 under the sign of Taurus.

The inhabitants of this sign are also renowned for being stubborn but diligent and hardworking. She may be successful in the industry because she works hard.

Renee Portnoy
Renee Portnoy Renee Portnoy

In addition, Renee exudes charm through how she carries herself. Satterthwaite is 170 cm tall and weighs approximately 55 kg (121 lbs).

It’s impressive that the astute businesswoman is still physically fit and healthy in her 30s. Her beautiful body measuring 34-24-35 inches has been preserved due to her perfect diet and exercise. Renee also has gorgeous brown eyes and long brown hair.

Early Life and Education

Renee Satterthwaite, an astute entrepreneur who helped her ex-husband expand his company successfully, was born in Abington, Massachusetts, in the United States. Her parents’ identities are not fully disclosed. As a result, we are unaware of their identities or their current whereabouts.

Similarly, she has led a good life as the only child of her parents. However, she began horseback riding at the age of eight. Not to mention that Satterthwaite adored all animals and cherished his time with them.

The American-born woman attended her local high school in Abington and received her diploma in 2001. She then enrolled at Boston University and earned a BS in business and international relations.

Professional Life and Career

After finishing university, Renee immediately started working because she had a business degree. She began working for the company SmartPark in 2010.

The business offered equine supplements, riders’ clothing, equipment, and other essentials for horse owners in 1999 to assist equestrians and horse owners.

Renee Satterthwaite and David Portnoy- Marriage

Before reading this piece, we knew that Renee was David Portnoy‘s wife. When Sarah received her undergraduate diploma in 2005 and David was employed by Yanke Group in Boston, the two initially came into contact.

They soon began dating after beginning to sense a connection. Finally, after three long years, the couple got engaged in 2008. And the couple was married a year later.

Likewise, they were married in front of the people they love the most—their families and friends. Renee oversaw all of David’s operations in the background while he rose to stardom as the creator of Barstool Sports after the couple was married.

She maintained a low profile, only showing up when it was necessary for the media to get candid photos of her.

Rumors and Adultery- How Their Marriage Fell Apart?

When the couple announced their divorce in 2017, the world was stunned to see how happy they appeared. The issues first surfaced in 2016 after David was caught having an affair with an unidentified woman. According to reports, David was spotted hanging out in the neighborhood tavern with a woman who seemed to be Jordyn Hamilton.

David went to his blog amid the divorce rumors and publicly declared their separation. Additionally, Renne and David got a divorce later in 2017.

At the same time, David admitted to having an affair with a second lady, subsequently revealed to be Jordyn Hamilton. But David didn’t wait long to criticize Jordyn after his divorce.

According to reports, he charged Jordyn with defrauding him using her Soulcycle Instructor. Not to mention, Portnoy practically attacked his ex-girlfriend, who is now seeing someone else.

Renee led a tranquil life throughout this time, avoiding contact with the media at all costs. She is still single and focuses on her career and animal-related charitable initiatives.

How Rich Is Renee Portnoy?

Renee’s estimated net worth as of 2020 is $4 million, which she acquired from her profession as a businessman and horse buyer. Sadly, nothing is known about her assets and other sources of income.

David Portnoy, her ex-husband, has an incredible net worth of $100 million. The sum seems insignificant, given how he transformed a small-town print weekly into a $450 million media conglomerate.

Additionally, Portnoy has developed a devoted fan base of “Go Pres Go” blog readers. The company’s and David’s net worth are guaranteed to rise in the future due to this and considering the company’s success record. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.

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