Danny Pintauro
Danny Pintauro

How Much Money Will Danny Pintauro Have In 2022?

Do you have any interest in Danny Pintauro? For the youth at this time, he is sufficiently well-liked. The thorough biography of this businessman and actor has been added. You’ve come to the right place if Danny Pintauro has piqued your interest. Details about Danny Pintauro’s height, age, affairs, net worth, and much more can be found in the section below. Check it out.

Who Is Danny Pintauro?

On January 6, 1976, Danny Pintauro was born in Milltown, New Jersey. He is the only child of mother Margaret L. Sillcocks and father John J. Pintauro, an Italian-Polish manager and real estate agent. He earned a bachelor’s degree in theatre from Stanford University in June 1998. Additionally, he was an “Eagle Scout.” Pintauro also participated in the “Leland Stanford University Marching Band” as a trumpet player.

Is Danny Pintauro A Gay?

Actor Danny Pintauro, 46, is gay. His real identity was revealed in 1997 by the tabloid The National Enquirer. Peter Zurkuhlen and Peter Porte are married to the same woman, 44-year-old Danny Pintauro. He started dating Wil Tabares in 2012, and they subsequently got married. Before Danny’s boyfriend asked her to marry him in April 2013, they had been dating for a year.

On their first anniversary of dating, Wil Tabares asked Danny to marry him when they were vacationing in Palm Springs, and Danny said yes. One year and one day after they announced their engagement, they were married. On April 4, 2014, Pintauro and Tabares exchanged vows on Dana Point, California beach. Wil sang a fantastic song at their wedding ceremony, especially for his hubby.

The boutonnieres on both of the grooms’ outfits were lavender. The LGBT couple also had their wedding celebration on a hotel balcony overlooking the sand. The decorations included a fire pit, tablecloths, seashells, and Christmas lights. They have a solid connection thus far, judging by their social media posts. Danny currently manages restaurants in Las Vegas, where the couple currently resides. He has also expressed a wish to help other LGBT males. He continued by saying people should realize the importance of improving their health.

Does Danny Pintauro Have HIV?

Pintauro made his HIV status public in 2015; he first became infected with the virus in 2003 during unprotected oral contact. He also asserted that he once developed a methamphetamine addiction.

How Much Money Will Danny Pintauro Have In 2022?

An American actor named Danny Pintauro has a $600,000 net worth. He is best recognized for his roles in the 1983 film Cujo and as Jonathan Bower in Who’s the Boss? In New Jersey’s Milltown, Pintuaro was born. In 1982, he debuted on television in Who’s the Boss?, Highway to Heaven, and As the World Turns.

Additionally, he made appearances in the movies Timestalkers, The Beniker Gang, and Cujo (1983). (1987). He stopped acting in 1994 to concentrate on his study. His majors at Stanford University were English and Theater, and he received his degree in 2001. He admitted to being gay in an interview with the National Enquirer in 1997. He proposed to his boyfriend, Will Tabares, in April 2013. 

Danny Pintauro
Danny Pintauro

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On their trip to Palm Springs, which commemorated their relationship’s first anniversary, Tabares proposed. In front of friends and family, the pair married in April 2014 in Dana Point, California. They reflected on the day’s events with delight and love, pleased that they could legally wed now that Proposition 8 had been overturned in California. 

Pintauro manages a PF Chang’s restaurant where Tabares and Pintauro reside, while Tabares performs in the Cosmopolitan casino. Danny confirmed he had been HIV + for 12 years in September 2015. If you think this is interesting, please share it with your friends. For more updates and the latest news regarding celebrities, Visit Newswatchlist.com.

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