Fadi Fawaz
Fadi Fawaz

Who Is Fadi Fawaz? How Much Money Will He Have In 2022?

Fadi Fawaz is an Australian hairstylist and photographer born on May 24, 1973, making him 49 years old. He is not well-known for his career, but his friendship with British musician George Michael has kept him in the public eye. Before passing in 2016, he was the last to see singer George Michael alive. This article discusses Fadi Fawaz’s bio, age, net worth, boyfriend, girlfriend, professional life, and more.

Who Is Fadi Fawaz?

The second well-known partner of singer George Michael is Fadi Fawaz. Geroge was associated with businessman Kenny Goss before falling in love with Fadi. Fadi continued to get embroiled in several problems involving placing claims on George Michael’s assets after being barred by the George family after his boyfriend’s passing. Police also looked into him as a potential suspect in the murder of George Michael.

After his studies were finished, he moved to London. He spent the remainder of his life there. Even when photographed by the media, Fadi never divulged details about his early years or journey through childhood. He also doesn’t disclose which high school or college he attended.

How did Fadi Fawaz begin his professional life?

Fadi Fawaz didn’t have a remarkably successful career. He allegedly began doing photography professionally around 2003. As a freelance photographer, he kept working. The viewers on Flickr have praised his photography abilities.

Fadi Fawaz
Fadi Fawaz

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Fawaz has also performed expert hairstyling services for numerous models. He has collaborated as a celebrity hairstylist with Naomi Campbell and the band “The Pussycat Dolls.” In the TV show SliDE, he made a brief appearance in 2011 as the Car Park Cashier.

How did George Michael and Fadi Fawaz meet?

Fadi Fawaz, 47, an Australian-born hairdresser who has also worked as a photographer, used to style the stars’ hair. Stephen Gately, a Boyzone member whose heart stopped beating in 2009 due to sudden adult death syndrome, left a lasting impression on him.

He and George were first captured on camera together in 2015 while out for a stroll in Switzerland. In 2009, George and Fadi Fawaz first met. Soon after George’s long-term partner Kenny Goss, with whom he had been dating for thirteen years, left him, the two began dating.

George is said to have received support from Fadi Fawaz through several personal difficulties, including a stay in a Switzerland drug rehab center in 2015. On Christmas Eve, he was photographed at George’s restored Cotswold stone mill in Goring-on-Thames.

Has Fadi Fawaz been detained?

After damaging his ex-home partner in July 2019, he was taken into custody. The property’s damage was deemed “extensive” by a spokesman for the Met Police. According to the spokesman, a male was reportedly seen on the roof of an address on Tuesday, July 23, at around 7 p.m.

Officers arrived and discovered that the individual was no longer on the roof but inside the property, which had sustained significant damage. The London Fire Brigade responded because of the interior property damage. Suspected of significant criminal damage, the individual has been taken into custody.


He is currently being held at a police station in north London. He broke a window to enter the building in December 2020, and the police arrived to evict him. “This is my place,” he told the authorities before being taken away by them. George Michael intended for me to own it. He wasn’t put in jail.

How Much Money Will Fadi Fawaz Have In 2022?

Fadi’s current income and wages are unknown, although he resides at his ex-lavish boyfriend’s property, valued at more than USD 5 million. Fadi Fawaz’s current net worth is between $5 and USD 6 million. If you think this is interesting, please share it with your friends. For more updates and the latest news regarding celebrities, Visit Newswatchlist.com.

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