Janelle Browns Kids
Janelle Browns Kids

Janelle Browns Kids, Gabe Cries As He Recalls Dad Kody Brown Forgetting His Birthday!

Janelle Browns Kids, Gabe Cries As He Recalls Dad Kody Brown Forgetting His Birthday!

Gabe, one of Janelle Brown’s children, is reflecting on a difficult time involving his father, Kody Brown.

As he recalled his father Kody forgetting his birthday during a phone call they had in October, Gabe became tearful during a confessional on Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives.

“I bought Covid in January. I lost my sense of smell; I had no fever, “Gabe started his confession. “Dad calls me when October comes around, specifically my birthday on October 11. We had a little conversation about how awful my Covid was.”

“Although I shouldn’t have, I still did it: I didn’t tell him it was my birthday because I wanted to see if he remembered. Also, he didn’t. As a result, to him, it was merely a call asking me about Covid, “He remarked, starting to choke up before finally erupting in tears.

“It was a lot worse than just a phone call for me,” Gabe said after taking a moment to sob. “A few hours later, he attempted to phone me again to wish me a happy birthday and make amends. That was my last conversation with my father, “He admitted.

Janelle Browns Kids
Janelle Browns Kids

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Janelle Browns, Gabe’s mother, is Kody’s second wife. Robyn Brown and Meri Brown, Kody’s first wife, are also included in their plural marriage; however, Kody and Meri’s connection has subsequently changed to a spiritual one.

In November 2021, Kody’s third wife, Christine Brown, announced their divorce after more than two decades of marriage.

The TLC series about the Brown family depicted the ups and downs of managing plural marriage. Kody’s problems with Janelle and Christine have been the focus of this season.

In an interview on Friday’s episode of Reality Life with Kate Casey, Christine discussed how she was affected by watching her kids let down by their father. She also observed that Kody “doesn’t know” their kids after years of “missing out.”

“All the time, it felt like a vicious circle. Because I’ve been telling you for years that your father loves you, he adores you. He wished to be with you, “In Christine’s memory. “I would frequently tell my children that he was coming over, we would have a fantastic time and other such things. They eventually stopped trusting me after a while.”

She continued, “And I saw it in their eyes that they really, truly didn’t feel like they had a wonderful relationship with him. Their six children were also wounded by what they say about “what he was like with other kids and how he was fantastic, but he wasn’t with them.”

“Around him, they felt uncomfortable and uneasy. And it’s difficult because—are you kidding me?—all I want for my kids is to have a fantastic relationship with their dad.” Christine uttered. “I don’t want to give my kids father-related problems. That is incredibly sad.”

Christine, 50, said that because Kody wasn’t available to the children, he “was just missing out on some evil, great kids, and missing out on knowing them.”

“because they are amazing individuals. They are incredible. And he isn’t familiar with them. “She gave details. “He, too, finds it sad. Thus, it is frustrating in many respects.”

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