Leo Woodall Dating
Leo Woodall Dating

Are Meghann Fahy And Leo Woodall Dating?

Leo Woodall Dating: Locating a mate in Sicily? White Lotus viewers are convinced that Leo Woodall, who plays Jack, and Meghann Fahy, who plays Daphne, are dating!

Following many flirtatious Instagram posts and comments, romance rumors began to circulate, but are the actors just friends? For everything we currently know, keep reading. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Are Meghann Fahy And Leo Woodall Dating?

Are Meghann Fahy And Leo Woodall Dating?

It’s unknown if the White Lotus actors are dating in real life because they haven’t responded to fan speculation about their relationship status.

However, the HBO stars’ seeming flirtatious back-and-forth on social media has raised some serious concerns. The Vampire Academy star posted a string of Polaroid pictures with the caption “That’s Amore” in September 2022.

In the first picture, Leo and Meghann appeared to be cuddling up for a mirror selfie. Leo’s finger was in Meghann’s lips in a second picture in the roundup of the cast seated at a dinner table.

Leo Woodall Dating
Leo Woodall Dating

“I love you! I love these! I love you!” The Bold Type alum commented on the post. Leo replied, “Love you right back.” Are Meghann Fahy And Leo Woodall Dating?

The English actor uploaded a self-portrait on Instagram almost a month later. Meghann remarked, “The sweater also Leo for president.”

When the Just Add Romance star’s HBO co-star tweeted a still of himself as Jack in the White Lotus in November 2022, it fueled more romantic suspicions about the couple. This time, Meghann said in the comments, “There he IS.” Leo returned the favor on many of Meghann’s Instagram postings throughout the same month.

Leo requested a Christmas album after the Massachusetts native posted a video of herself performing “O Holy Night” on social media. In her response, Meghan said, “Literally anything for you.”

Days later, she posted many pictures from a photo shoot with the remark,  “And thank you @elleuk. I love the UK, and I love all of the Elles!!!” Leo responded, “The UK loves you back,”


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Leo and Meghann’s representatives did not immediately reply to Life & Style’s request for comment. Are Meghann Fahy And Leo Woodall Dating?

What Has Meghann Fahy said About Leo Woodall?

Meghann mentioned her supposed boyfriend when asked who was the “life of the party” on the White Lotus season 2 set. Are Meghann Fahy And Leo Woodall Dating?

“Theo [James], for sure. Also me!” the actress told Variety in December 2022. “And then when Leo got there, he was too. So, Theo and Leo!” Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website Newswatchlist.com and get all the recent updates.

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