SwaggerSouls Face Reveal
SwaggerSouls Face Reveal

SwaggerSouls Face Reveal: Why Does This Gamer Hide His Face?

SwaggerSouls Face Reveal: An active gamer, YouTuber, and social media figure with the handle SwaggerSouls are Eric Vivian Matthew. Millions of people follow him on Twitter and Instagram. However, most people are familiar with the YouTuber’s live-action skits and gameplay streams on YouTube and Twitch. Why is SwaggerSouls’ face hidden?

With his outstanding gaming abilities and knowledge of several subjects, SwaggerSouls is known for his anonymous persona. In a market where streamers seek attention, his choice to cover his face while streaming sets him apart.

What Is SwaggerSouls’ Real Name?

Eric Vivian Matthew is the name the other podcasters at Misfits gave to him. American parents gave birth to him on February 24, 1994. The streamer is from the State of Idaho, despite never providing information about his family.

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What Nationality Is SwaggerSouls?

He is from the USA. His supporters have seen his consistent employment of British slang terms over the past five years. But he was born and reared in the United States. Eric Vivian also mentions his place of birth in his streams. Less information is available regarding his education than his state of birth and year of birth. Additionally, until SwaggerSouls started his YouTube channel in 2015, hardly anyone was aware of him.

To the dismay of his viewers, SwaggerSouls, a 32-year-old American YouTuber specializing in gaming, has never shown his face online. He co-hosts the well-known podcast Misfits with his co-hosts, with whom he now lives in Australia, and has more than four million YouTube subscribers.

Who Is SwaggerSouls Girlfriend?

Besides covering his face, the YouTuber has successfully kept his romantic status a secret. SwaggerSouls has shied away from discussing his romantic life on several occasions on his podcast, the Misfits. There are speculations concerning Eric’s love life, even though he has succeeded in keeping his relationship status private.

HeyImBee has long been thought of as SwaggerSouls’ girlfriend. HeyImBee’s tight relationship with the YouTuber is the primary source of the rumor. For instance, the Australian YouTuber posted a photo of a helmet reminiscent of SwaggerSouls’ trademark accessory. The two have never denied the story or made any remarks about it.

SwaggerSouls Face Reveal: Why Does This Gamer Hide His Face?

Even though his most popular YouTube video is named “The Face Reveal,” he chose not to show his face. Though it is a compilation video, all well-known streamers are indicated with the same helmet.

However, PewDiePie’s look was striking. In a few of his comments, the well-known streamer implied that he is the genuine SwaggerSouls. However, his assertion that he is SwaggerSouls is false for various reasons. For instance, there have been times when both YouTubers streamed simultaneously.

SwaggerSouls Face Reveal
SwaggerSouls Face Reveal

Why is SwaggerSouls’ face hidden? The excellent gamer admitted that the primary motivation behind keeping his face hidden, despite having a huge fan base, was to maintain anonymity after years of rumors.

In June 2020, he discussed some of his earlier concepts for concealing his identity, such as “shrinking his face” during streams, with his fellow Misfits Podcast hosts. The best way to distinguish between his everyday persona and his well-known online personality was to conceal his face with various clothing.

His face-related SwaggerSouls memes have also gained much traction, particularly on Twitter and Reddit. It’s interesting to note that he has recreated certain memes by experimenting with the idea of showing his face. For instance, the YouTuber uploaded a video on Twitter that some have referred to as the pinnacle of his memes.

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