What Happened To Marilyn Monroe’s Body After Her Death?

Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1st, 1926, in Los Angeles, claims Smithsonian Magazine. Norma Jean Mortensen was her real name.

After a slew of foster homes and guardians, Marilyn Monroe married Jim Dougherty, who was 21 at the time, at the age of 16. Her mother struggled to care for her daughter because of her paranoid schizophrenia and the absence of her father’s financial assistance.

What Happened To Marilyn Monroe’s Body After Her Death?

What Happened To Marilyn Monroe's Body After Her Death?
What Happened To Marilyn Monroe’s Body After Her Death?

Image source: womenshealthmag

When Marilyn’s therapist shattered the window to her room, he discovered that she had passed away. The doctor called emergency services as soon as he pronounced the actor died. Her body was taken to a mortuary for an autopsy after the cops arrived. Before a thorough investigation could be conducted, all the evidence of her disappearance vanished.

Several journalists offered the morgue guards bribes to take pictures of Marilyn’s body. These pictures were allegedly shown in a Hollywood museum before being consigned to the archives and were taken by numerous reporters.

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Even after she passed away, people continued to adore and fetishize her physique. There was nothing that Marilyn and her closets could do to stop what was happening to her body or the photos being distributed.

Many of Marilyn’s family members still hold her in high regard even after passing. To “lay on top of her,” Richard Poncher asked to be buried on top of Marilyn with his face down. The notorious publisher of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner, was interred next to Marilyn. Without Marilyn’s permission, Hefner published a naked picture of her in the inaugural playmate issue of the magazine in the 1950s.

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