John Mayer speaks out about dating
John Mayer speaks out about dating

John Mayer Speaks Out About Dating: Why He Doesn’t ‘Date That Much’?

John Mayer Speaks Out About Dating: Six years into his sober journey, John Mayer no longer “dates that much.”

On Wednesday’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast, the singer said, “Dating is no longer a codified activity for me; it doesn’t exist in a kind of… it’s not patterned anymore.”

The Grammy winner said, “I stopped drinking like six years ago,” to host Alex Cooper. I, therefore, lack liquid confidence. I possess dry courage.

You must be truthful, he continued. It would help if you were blatantly honest, absolutely honest.

Also, look at the following:

Then Mayer talked about his background as a “womanizer.”

He described the label as being “that” in its entirety. “I play that position on the popular TV program I didn’t create, but that’s OK. Maybe I was somehow involved in it.

The guitarist claimed that he learned to “capitalize” on romantic attraction since he was “taught to believe” from a young age that it was an “accident” to get noticed.

People might be startled to learn that it was less me moving like the person in the tree from the meme, “I think.” While rubbing his hands together, Mayer enquired. It was more along the lines of, “Me?” as I looked around.

The singer-songwriter, who has gained notoriety over the years for dating celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston, and others, also clarified the subject of his famous song from 2001, “Your Body Is a Wonderland.”

The American Music Award winner clarified that he had “never met” a famous person when he wrote the lyrics, confirming that the ballad isn’t based on any of his celebrity ex-girlfriends.


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Mayer remarked, “That was about my first girlfriend [in high school]. I was 21 when I composed that song, and I was missing being 16 at the time.

The musician told the audience earlier this year on a tour that he wishes people would stop asking him to settle down.

The only thing on the left side of my bed is a row of pillows, so I’m doing OK. I have a row of pads next to my bed, Mayer quipped. “That pile of pillows doesn’t hate or resent me or make me feel low.”

He continued by saying he was “doing OK” and anticipated “meeting someone” someday.

On stage, Mayer said, “When I do, it will be additive and wonderful and great.” But I’ll be alright up until that point.

Who Is John Mayer?

John Clayton Mayer is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist born on October 16, 1977. Mayer, born and reared in Fairfield County, Connecticut, attended Berklee College of Music in Boston before leaving in 1997 to go with Clay Cook to Atlanta. Together, they created the brief-lived two-piece band Lo-Fi Masters.

After they broke up, Mayer continued to perform at neighborhood clubs, honing his craft and accumulating fans. He was signed to Aware Records after his performance at the 2001 South by Southwest festival and later to Columbia Records, which issued his first extended play, Inside Wants Out.


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His two subsequent studio albums, Heavier Things (2003) and Room for Squares (2001) enjoyed strong sales and were certified multi-platinum. His tune “Your Body Is a Wonderland” helped him win the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance Grammy Award in 2003.

In 2005, Mayer started performing the blues and rock music that had first affected him as a musician, departing from the acoustic music that typified his early releases. He worked with blues musicians like Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, and B.B. King. In 2005, he put together the John Mayer Trio, and in 2006, he released his third studio album, Continuum.

Both albums garnered favorable reviews, and Mayer won the 2007 Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album for Continuum. In addition, “Waiting for the World to Change” earned him the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance award. In 2009, Battle Studies, a return to pop music, followed that album and featured a Battle Studies World Tour.

After engaging in several contentious media encounters, Mayer retired from the public eye in 2010 and started working on his fifth studio album, Born and Raised, which drew inspiration from Laurel Canyon’s 1970s pop music. The record wasn’t released until May 2012 because of the granuloma on his vocal cords, and the tour was canceled.

The album was less monetarily successful than his earlier work, but it was generally well-appreciated. In 2013, Mayer resumed his singing career and released Paradise Valley, his sixth studio album, featuring country music elements. He had sold more than 20 million albums overall by the year 2014.


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In 2017, he released The Search for Everything, his eighth album, loosely centered on a breakup. In July 2021, Mayer released Sob Rock, a new album influenced by a soft rock from the 1980s.

The band Dead & Company was founded in 2015 by Mayer, two other musicians, and three former Grateful Dead members. Since Jerry Garcia’s passing in 1995, the band’s surviving members have reunited numerous times. The band is still strong, and its tours are getting good reviews.

Mayer also pursues side careers in television presenting, comedy, and writing; he has written essays for publications including Esquire. He has performed at charity events and supports several organizations. He contributes to the watch website Hodinkee, is a watch enthusiast with a collection he values in the “tens of millions,” and has served on the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève jury.

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