Kaiju No 8
Kaiju No 8

When Will Kaiju No 8 Anime Be Released? When Was The Anime Trailer Officially Announced?

Kaiju No 8: Finally, an anime adaptation of the well-known manga Kaiju No 8 will air on television! The anime series Kaiju No. 8 will be nothing less than thrilling to see. The show will take an intriguing stance that will shatter viewers’ imaginations. Shueisha also publishes the manga under the moniker Monster #8. Due to high demand, the initial print volume of the manga also underwent two more printings. Kaiju No 8 Anime will be exciting to see, given the popularity of the series. The manga’s anime adaptation is subject to high expectations. The information you require is provided below.

The first author of the manga series is Naoya Matsumoto. In July 2020, the manga first debuted. In terms of physical distribution and circulation, it has topped 4 million copies. As early as 2021, the series was also a nominee for the 14th Manga Taisho Awards. Additionally, the manga has earned a few accolades. The debut of the anime adaptation has already piqued the interest of the manga’s readers. Will the anime uphold the renown of the manga? To learn more, continue reading.

When Will Kaiju No 8 Anime Be Released?

Kaiju No 8
Kaiju No 8

The anime adaptation announcement will take place during the Jump Fest Event in December 2023, assuming we will have enough material by that time. This event, which occurs at the end of the year, sees the announcement of nearly all Shueisha anime projects. As an illustration, this year, they revealed the anime remakes of Chainsaw Man, Platinum End, and Shadows House. Regarding the airing timing, the Kaiju No 8 anime will most likely air in April 2024 or July 2024, 3-6 months after the initial announcement.

When Was The Kaiju No 8 Anime Trailer Officially Announced?

A teaser promotional video for the show and the visual and animation studios was made available on the anime’s official website. It has also been announced when the anime will be released. The announcements state that Production I.G. will be responsible for the animation production. Studio Khara will also create the artwork and designs for the kaiju. Viz Media also licensed the manga. The chapters are now being published both physically and digitally by the company.

On the cast and personnel, more information is still anticipated. However, given the well-liked series, information about it won’t be kept a secret for too long. There will soon be updates issued because there is a lot of anticipation for the premiere of the series.

What Is The Storyline of Kaiju No 8?

Japan has one of the most significant rates of kaiju emergence in the world, making it no stranger to attacks from dangerous monsters. Here comes the Japan Defense Force, a military force entrusted with kaiju eradication. Kaiju corpse cleanup worker Kafka Hibino had always wanted to join the police and wanted another chance to fulfill his boyhood ambition of putting an end to the kaiju. But how can he combat kaiju when he unexpectedly turns into one himself?

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In the future, Kafka intends to honor his agreement with his childhood buddy Mina to enlist in the Japan Defense Force. Kafka, however, is left to deal with the fallout of her conflicts while she is off fighting kaiju as the leader of the Third Division. Now that the eligibility rules have suddenly changed, Kafka has one more chance to fulfill his ambition. The only issue is that he has suddenly transformed into a kaiju! Even worse, he has been added to the Defense Force’s list of targets for neutralization under the codename Kaiju No 8.

Who Is In The Cast of Kaiju No 8?

This page lists all the cast appearing in the Kaiju No8 manga.

  • Kafka Hibino.
  • Mina Ashiro.
  • Kikoru Shinomiya.
  • Soshiro Hoshina.
  • Aoi Kaguragi.
  • Iharu Furuhashi.
  • Haruichi Izumo.
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