Antoni Porowski Engaged
Antoni Porowski Engaged

Antoni Porowski Engaged: When Did They Get Serious?

Antoni Porowski, star of the Netflix series Queer Eye, recently shared the news that he is engaged to Kevin Harrington, his partner of three years.

The cuisine expert from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy uploaded a hazy snapshot of himself and his partner in an Instagram post on Thursday (17 November). He captioned the image: “I hope the wedding photographs are less grainy.”

During the couple’s red carpet-appearance at Heidi Klum’s 2019 Halloween party, Harrington, a freelance brand strategy director, tweeted one of his images, including a photo of one of the couple’s zombie costumes.

He wrote, “Officially together until we look like the last shot,” and appended the hashtag “#Engaged” at the end of his post. Porowski responded: “Don’t worry. By that time, I’ll probably be experimenting with Botox.”

Jonathan Van Ness, one of Porowski’s co-stars on Queer Eye, exclaimed to his other cast members that he was “already sourcing my flower girl looks!!!” after hearing the news.

Tan France said he would “volunteer as wedding selfie-photographer,” and Bobby Berk remarked that he was “so freaking pleased for you two!” You both got a good one!!!”

When Did Antoni Porowski And Kevin Harrington Get Engaged?

Although Antoni Porowski and Kevin Harrington have been dating for nearly three years, the Queer Eye star stated that their relationship “escalated” when COVID was under lockdown.

Antoni Porowski Engaged
Antoni Porowski Engaged

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“New ties were established, existing relationships were altered, and some severed. It finally came to a halt in New York, there was no toilet paper, and we chose to remain in Austin, where we took in a puppy as a foster pet,” he explained.

“We went from being in a relationship and each having our apartment and not having a dog to living in the same place with a dog,” she said. “It was quite the transition.”

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He described the couple’s relationship as having “escalated quickly” and added, “But I don’t have any complaints, which is wonderful.”

“When something is solid and very nice – and you speak a lot with each other – and you check in with each other and your therapist about it – I feel like that’s kind of the key,” she said.

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