Lori Bray Obituary
Lori Bray Obituary

Lori Bray Obituary: How Did She Pass Away?

Lori Bray Obituary: On October 1, 2019, Lori Bray vanished from her hometown of Laurel, Montana. Her family, friends, and the police all prayed for her safe return. However, when Lori’s body was found in a ditch next to Yard Office Road in East Laurel, the case quickly evolved into a homicide inquiry. Murder In The Heartland: Killer Casino, a program on Investigation Discovery, tells the story of the horrific murder and the police investigation that led to the perpetrator’s conviction. We have information for you if you’re curious about the specifics of this case and want to know where the offender is right now.

She returned to Billings and earned her senior high school diploma in 1980 after living on cattle ranches close to Harrison, Montana, and later Manhattan, Montana. Lori was a kind person who would give a hand to anyone who asked.

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Her loving sister Lynda (Chuck) Jorgenson of Billings, Montana, and loving brothers Lonnie (Karen) Maiden of Kalispell, Montana, Gale (Jackie) Maiden of Billings, Montana, and Don (Patty) Siemsen of Prineville, Oregon, as well as five grandchildren, will always cherish and remember Lori. Mac and Nikki, her adored four-legged children, also mourn Lori terribly. Lori’s parents died before she did.

How Did Lori Bray Pass Away?

Lori Bray, a local of Laurel, Montana, passed away at that moment. People who knew Lori characterized her as a diligent and generous person who enjoyed lending a hand in the neighborhood and welcomed everyone with a smile. Lori was well-liked in society and was known for being kind and amiable. She hardly had any adversaries. She also worked at the Cedar Ridge Casino but was unaware that her job would one day bring her face-to-face with the person who had killed her.

On the evening of October 1, 2019, Lori shut down the Cedar Ridge Casino before leaving for her house. She didn’t show up for work the next day, and her son, Justin Smith, was immediately told by her alarmed coworkers of the bizarre situation. Justin drove down to Lori’s house out of concern for his mother but discovered it to be vacant but for the 54-year-unsupervised old’s dog. There was no evidence of the missing woman, but Justin also located his mother’s car with the sunroof up and discovered her phone, handbag, and clothes inside. So he didn’t waste any time filing a missing person complaint with the police and starting to help with the hunt.

Detectives assembled search teams after learning about the event, and on October 3, they found Lori’s body in a ditch next to Yard Office Road. First responders arrived at the scene to see the victim utterly naked in the gutter, about five kilometers from where Justin discovered Lori’s car. Lori was later found to have been strangled, and authorities discovered an outside DNA sample under her fingernails, suggesting that there may have been a fight.

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