Lizzy Musi Married
Lizzy Musi Married

Is Lizzy Musi Married? How Did They Meet?

Lizzy Musi Married: On November 11, 2023, Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi will exchange vows as husband and wife. On July 31, 2021, the power couple got engaged.

The location in Kentwood, Louisiana, has been reserved for Kye and Lizzy’s wedding ceremony, according to the wedding planning website With a wedding in Louisiana and a rehearsal supper in Osyka, Mississippi, it is anticipated to be a large wedding.

If you are a racing enthusiast, you must be familiar with Magnolia-born underground auto racer Kye Kelley. Even though he was born on a Mississippi farm on May 18, 1985, his resolve to pursue a career in car racing could not be revoked owing to his socioeconomic situation.

Kye’s life was complicated. He spent most of his childhood abusing booze and drugs because his father wasn’t always present. Kelley was unable to finish his official schooling as a result. He helped with cattle care and grocery bagging on the farms. claims he saved money for two meager jobs before purchasing his first automobile at age 15. His first vehicle was a 1972 Chevy LUV pickup with a large block. Later, he constructed the vehicle’s ladder-bar chassis and 572 cubic-inch powerplants.

Who would have imagined Kye’s passion for automobiles would make him one of the top drag racers in the Street Outlaw series on the Discovery Channel? Even after losing the chase, he proposed to his girlfriend, Lizzy Musi, at one of the events where he first fell in love with cars.

Did Kye Kelley Get Married To Lizzy Musi?

The wedding of Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi is scheduled for November 23, 2023. The wedding is planned for November 19, 2023. On July 31, 2021, Kye got down on one knee and proposed to Lizzy during one of the Street Outlaws episodes. He didn’t win the race but won his girlfriend’s heart that day.

The recently engaged pair received much support after the video was posted on social media. In front of the audience, Lizzy didn’t hesitate to accept her racer boyfriend’s proposal. People shouted as they watched the couple embrace and gaze at one another.

Lizzy Musi Married
Lizzy Musi Married

Kye had a fantastic year in 2021, but it was different from years past. In a statement to the media, Kye said that he had been holding onto the ring for more than a year in anticipation of Lizzy’s ideal date. He also noted that, in his opinion, the suggestion made it the most significant win; before that, it was not an enormous success.

Kye briefly stopped competing in 2018 but only briefly. After barely two years, Kelley and his ex-wife Alise Mote recently got divorced. In addition to being the current owner and operator of Kye Kelley Racing, Kye is still a cast member of Street Outlaws.

According to his Instagram, he has been spending his free time racing and working on automotive projects. Even though he and his crew have had to contend with financial challenges that have hindered their performance, Kye has continuously maintained a positive attitude and a dedication to his racing goals. Kelly has devoted his entire being to achieving perfection. Therefore, racing is not his game.

Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi Relationship Timeline

Lizzy Musi, a fellow drag racer, and Kye Kelley began dating after the divorce of their respective spouses, Alisa and Kye, in 2017. Before meeting Lizzy, Kye was married to his longtime lover Alisa Mote for two years. Alisa works as a nurse and has a kid named Kendaeigh with a drag racer.

\She had known him ever since he had purchased his first automobile. After several years of dating, they eventually got engaged on May 21, 2014, and hitched in August 2015. They divorced amicably in 2017. The street racer has a second daughter from an earlier union.

How Did They Meet?

Pat Musi brought Lizzy and Kye together for the first time. Around 2016, Pat, Lizzy’s father, introduced the couple during a PDRA exhibition race. When Lizzy was 8 years old, she began racing, but she eventually stopped when she was a teenager.

Kye visited Pat Musi’s store as a client. She had no idea who Kye Kelly was by that point. But as time passed, they grew close and began to enjoy each other’s presence. Her father, Pat, owns the Racing Engines business in North Carolina, which has a Pro Mod pedigree for racing athletes.

Break-Up Rumors, Did They Split In Early 2021?

It was proven by the YouTube channel celebrity facts that Lizzy and Kye did not break up in 2021. Periodically, they can be seen fighting as any other couple would.

Together, the duo manages the Youtube account @Kye Kelley Racing. Videos of Kye and Lizzy working as a team can be seen everywhere. The rumor that they split up is untrue. On the same day, when Kye proposed to her in front of the audience, Lizzy had an accident.


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Lizzy wrecked during the first round of the Darlington Dragway No Prep Kings. On Instagram, Lizzy discussed the incident and its unexpectedly satisfying conclusion. No matter what occurred that day, she was happy that Kye had proposed.

Who Is Lizzy Musi From Street Outlaws?

Street Outlaws drag racer Lizzy Musi is Kye Kelley’s girlfriend and future wife. Pat Musi and Elizabeth Musi welcomed Lizzy into Carteret, New Jersey.

Due to her family, Lizzy began driving lessons when she was eight years old. When Musi was sixteen years old, in 2007, she had already started participating in juvenile drag races. Lizzy made her Pro Nitrous debut in 2014 while operating King Kong 5 in a 2009 Dodge Stratus.

She suffered a tragic accident in 2015 while filming Adrenaline, but she quickly recovered. Cameron Arnett and Charlene Amoia also starred in the film. On-demand services were made available. Please forward this to your friends if you find it interesting. is the best place to find the latest and updated information about your favorite celebs.

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